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More on the inner-workings of the MyNewFinancialAdvisor platform

Through its partnership with RingRevenue, the lead generator for advisers has a comprehensive interface for managing marketing campaigns, esp campaigns incorporating ye old telephone

Apr 16, 2012 @ 3:00 pm

By Davis D. Janowski

When it came to this week's column on ("Generating leads online for advisers") and the approach it is taking to lead generation for advisers I was literally only able to scratch the surface.

We lack the space in print for explaining and describing the complexities of a system like there's.

The MNFA platform has a lot of moving parts to it and initially, I suspect, many advisers are going to be a bit overwhelmed in how to set up their own lead generation campaigns.

However, the folks at MNFA and its partner RingRevenue Inc. already plan to do a lot of hand-holding with advisers to get them started.

In addition to various live humans at both entities that will be ramping up to assist advisers there will be quite a few how-to video tutorials available on their website.

In this post I want to touch on a few things and provide some additional screenshots that I think will add a bit more to an adviser's understanding of how the whole system and its interfaces work.

So I would encourage readers to right now spend a few minutes reviewing this slideshow on how the MyNewFinancialAdvisor interface works (you can also click on the Photo Galleries link next to the little camera icon at left if you prefer). It is short, just seven slides but in this case I believe the slides are worth several thousand words.

Now that you are back, I will go over a few points and reiterate them. First, let's get out of the way that there are three different user types inside of the platform.

+ Zoom

The first is a “network” type of user, which would most likely be used by the folks at or perhaps broker-dealers that adopt the platform. It provides a higher level view for managing campaigns or multiple campaigns.

Second is the “adviser” (also called the advertiser view in RingRevenue or MNFA's own parlance).

This is the interface most advisers would see and is where these accompanying screenshots are focused.

The third view is the “media outlets” view and as you might surmise, this is where publishers or other multimedia purveyors that would host the banner ads or the video commercials etc. would interact with the system.

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