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The Takeaway: Gundlach is on fire, dividend funds are raking and more

By Downtown Josh Brown

Nov 16, 2012 @ 1:37 pm (Updated 2:06 pm) EST


So you want to get the best possible exposure to Chinese stocks... (Index Universe)

Christine Benz on how to build conservative, relatively hands-off ETF portfolios. (Morningstar)


"Investors Underestimating Retirement Needs, Survey Says" - I feel like this headline is a repeat. From every month of the last ten years. No? (Financial Advisor)

LPL raising fees and cutting incentives. Awesome, where do I sign up? (Investment News)

I'm hiring a junior advisor - how do I make it work out for him and me? (WealthManagement)

Sell-off or not, dividend funds continue to rake in the dough. (Focus On Funds)

Former hedge fund analyst admits to an atmosphere rife with insider trading on the witness stand. (DealBook)


Jeffrey Gundlach has made some amazing trading calls this year. I credit his dabbling with the Occult. (Market Anthropology)


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