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iPad app launched by Cabinet

Mobile document management application will provide remote access to adviser files and documents held in company's Safe platform

Nov 21, 2012 @ 3:04 pm

By Davis Janowski

Typical view of a Cabinet Safe file repository installation as viewed through the Mobile iPad app.
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Typical view of a Cabinet Safe file repository installation as viewed through the Mobile iPad app. (Cabinet NG Inc.)

Document management technology provider Cabinet today announced availability of Cabinet Mobile for iPad.

This application will only be of use to advisers or others that are using Cabinet's Safe 8.5 document management platform to support their practice.

That platform is used by a fairly diverse set of professionals including attorneys, doctors, financial advisers and small business owners for taking their operations as paperless as possible. The Safe platform is available as either a hosted or cloud-based offering.

The Cabinet Mobile application lets users navigate through Safe's file structure and access their documents using their iPad touch screen. It is available in Apple Inc.'s App Store for $9.99.

I do wonder how useful this will prove to be for advisers or others who are accessing certain document types from their folders, namely Microsoft Office documents, since the iPad currently lacks a native set of Microsoft Office applications (rumors have abounded about whether there will or will not be a Microsoft Office for the iPad this year but now that the Microsoft Surface tablet is here all bets are off as to when or if Microsoft might finally roll out Office for iPad; methinks probably Q1 2013 if holiday Surface sales prove horrible).

The prepared statement says nothing about Cabinet Mobile allowing you to open, edit, or save Microsoft Office documents, though an online frequently asked questions page of the company does discuss that possibility. I have contacted the company but had no answers by press time.

That said there are a few non-Microsoft Corp. iPad applications that allow you to work with Microsoft files but I have been unimpressed thus far; my attempts to use the first of two free offerings available in the App store have proved mediocre.

CloudOn from CloudOn Inc. looks attractive but has proved unstable so far (version 2.5.1 updated Nov. 6). Specifically this application requires you to have an account with an online storage provider, in my case I linked it with my account.

I have yet to purchase and try out the for-profit Quickoffice Pro HD from Quickoffice Inc. ($19.99).

Anyway, back to the Cabinet Mobile app for iPad; it allows users to tap through Cabinet Safe's filing structure to easily access your document on the go and those selected can be marked as favorites for instant access, copied for use in third-party apps or “electronically signed” with a fingertip.

The Mobile app also adheres to the same security settings applied in Cabinet Safe and Safe Cloud.

For more information visit Cabinet online.

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