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eFileCabinet update

A quick overview of their document management offerings

Dec 7, 2012 @ 1:10 pm

By Davis Janowski

eFileCabinet has an eclectic mix of clients and partners in a wide range of industries.
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eFileCabinet has an eclectic mix of clients and partners in a wide range of industries. (eFileCabinet Inc.)

eFileCabinet Inc. just sent out a prepared statement touting its growth of late.

I noted a few details to stash away.

Eleven years in the document management business; they now have more than 5,000 customers and 30,000 users and continue to focus on small to medium sized businesses. The firm has begun to land advisory firms pretty regularly and has historically been pretty popular with accounting and tax firms.

They offer online, cloud-based document storage for a monthly subscription per user that starts at $19.99 up to a premium package for $34.99 per user (all include 10GB of storage per user though you can add more). A 14-day free trial is available; security is what you would expect encryption at rest and in transit (well, what I would expect) and their data system is SAS-70 compliant. They very clearly state the details of their plans and have a straightforward FAQ on their website.

Other verticals and industries they count among their customer base include education, human resources, medical, legal, banking, insurance and funeral services among others.

They are headquartered in Lehi, Utah.

Again this is just a quick overview on eFileCabinet meant for the blog, not meant to be exhaustive. At some point in the New Year I will do a lengthy comparative feature on those competing in the online storage and document management services/offerings, going paperless world.

Other companies that share some similarities with eFileCabinet but that have additional integrations, features, meet SEC/Finra regulations, have additional certifications or additional features specifically suited to the perhaps more complex needs of larger advisory shops include Cabinet ( Docupace ( and NetDocuments ( among others.

For more information visit at eFileCabinet online.

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