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The Takeaway: Apple as an anchor, shoegazing bond analysts and more

By Josh Brown

Dec 27, 2012 @ 8:47 am (Updated 10:07 am) EST


Why is everyone all of a sudden excited about Japanese stocks? (The Reformed Broker)

Apple Is What Ails Big Stock ETFs, Not the Fiscal Cliff (Focus On Funds)

Fixed income analysts are pretty downbeat about the bond market's prospects into 2013. (AdvisorOne)

The Biz

Salaries for asset managers went up rather nicely this year says new study. Which totes makes sense due to the high percentage of them that beat the benchmarks in 2012. (Financial Planning)

Carl Richards: Pay attention to your own investing goals, ignore most of the rest. (Bucks)

Cullen Roche: "Mutual funds are a dinosaur product" (Pragmatic Capitalism)


Tim Geithner to Congress: "OK, all kidding aside, I'm starting to get nervous you guys..." (


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Jul 25 01:13PM
Claiming bad oversight, ex-rep moves on REIT
Jul 25 01:12PM
Claiming bad oversight, ex-rep moves on REIT

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