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The Takeaway: The incredible shrinking Morgan Stanley

Jan 10, 2013 @ 1:15 pm

By Josh Brown


A fascinating piece on emerging markets and the "demographic dividend" by UBS's Bhanu Baweja. (beyondbrics)

Morningstar: Get ready to lose some money in bonds this year. (WealthManagement)

The Biz

Why is Morgan Stanley? (DealBook)

PNC Wealth study finds that American millionaires want their offspring to be self-reliant. Which is adorable because we all know they won't have to be. Because when you're working a lot to become a millionaire and can't be with your children, you must buy their love. I know, it's a sad paradox. Cheer up, have a BMW. (Financial Planning)

Things not so great at Cantor Fitz these days either. (BusinessWeek)

You wanna talk about an industry game-changer? How about Northern Lights Trust, which is going to allow any advisor to create their own ETF... (ETFdb)


This one time, private equity buyers approached Legg Mason but were told to take a hike. True story. (Reuters)


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