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Jan 15, 2013 @ 10:13 am

By Josh Brown

The Takeaway: The key to servicing wealthier clients


Tom Brakke looks at a growth fund based near the frozen tundra he calls home. (Research Puzzle)

Roger Wohlner's three financial products to consider avoiding. (Chicago Financial Planner)

The Takeaway: The key to servicing wealthier clients

How important is it to "beat the market"? (The Reformed Broker)

The Biz

Activist hedge fund manager Dan Loeb to Morgan Stanley: Maybe don't pay people so much, ya know? Not a threat, just a suggestion (wink)... (WSJ)

The key to servicing wealthier clients is more communication. (Financial Planning)

$17 billion RIA Buckingham Asset Management is crushing it with social media thanks to in-house writer Larry Swedroe and storyteller-in-chief Carl Richards. (RIABiz)

The trend toward "single managed portfolios" means a whole lot of disintermediation. (Fiduciary News)

Speaking of Carl Richards, did you catch his latest NYT piece on the risk of not owning stocks? (Bucks Blog)


Cat beats professional stock-pickers in investing contest. No one is surprised. I mean, the cat did go to Wharton, but still... (Guardian)


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