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The Takeaway: Fiduciaries and planners are salespeople, too

Feb 4, 2013 @ 11:35 am

By Josh Brown


Cash is a bad habit and market timers can get addicted very easily. (Abnormal Returns)

Last month $77 billion came gushing into stock funds, which TrimTabs says is the new all time record by a landslide. (Focus On Funds)

Pension funds said to be unlikely to join in on the Great Rotation from bonds to stocks. In keeping with tradition, they'll wait for another 2 or 3000 Dow Points first, then jump in. (Pensions & Investments)

Carl Richards on the only question investors should be asking: “How can we avoid making the big behavioral mistake of selling low and buying high (again!) in the future?” (Bucks Blog)

The Biz

Brokers are thrilled about the compensation disclosure proposal floated by Finra, they think it is a wonderful idea. Just kidding. (Investment News)

Financial advisor blogger using SEO keywords to attract annuity buyers to his 40 sites. Okay. (Financial Planning)

Number of RIA acquisitions actually declined last year even though the deal sizes were bigger. (Investment News)

Fiduciaries and planners are salespeople too. (Nerd's Eye View)


Sorry, Main Street is anything but euphoric about the Dow at 14,000. (The Reformed Broker)


Disclaimer: Joshua Brown is an investment advisor representative with Fusion Analytics. The content above is for informational purposes only, nothing here should ever be construed as investment advice or a solicitation to trade any securities. Mr. Brown or his firm may be long or short securities mentioned above for client or personal accounts at any time.


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