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The Takeaway: RBS's Libor emails are absolutely cringe-worthy

Feb 6, 2013 @ 11:59 am

By Josh Brown


Everyone seems to want in on this weak-Yen, strong Japanese stock trade. (ETF Trends)

How's the housing market? Home Depot's hiring 80,000 spring seasonal workers this year, so you tell me. (ValueWalk)

The Biz

Advisers, remember this for your next contract negotiation: Your clients trust you, hate your firm. (Investment News)

"Dear Abby, it turns out my clients are smarter than me, what do I do? - Sincerely, Confused in Peoria" (Advisor One)

Judge throws the book at IL adviser who stole $16 million in mutual fund assets from clients - 12 year prison sentence. (WealthManagement)

LPL nailed with $2 million restitution judgment in Massachusetts over - take a guess - nontraded REITs. (Investment News)

The instant messages between rate-setting traders at RBS are hideous. (DealBook)


Tim Geithner planning a book about how he responded to the banking crisis. Tentative title: 'Crime and No Punishment'. (NPR)


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