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The Takeaway: 99 investment rules on the wall — and from the greats, no less

By Josh Brown

Feb 22, 2013 @ 12:01 pm (Updated 3:40 pm) EST


99 investment rules from some of the great ones. (StreetTalkLive)

If Brussel Sprouts can make a comeback with eaters, why can't stocks make a comeback with investors? (Stephen L. Weiss)

Tom Brakke looks at Fairhome Fund's barbell approach. (Research Puzzle)

The case against commodities and emerging markets investing. (Behavioral Macro)

The Biz

"Financial language," to paraphrase Orwell, “is designed to make lies sound truthful" (Advisor One)

SEC Red Flag: Selling Stake in Firm to Client (Financial Planning)

How and why I'm starting an RIA from scratch and what I'm spending to make it happen (RIA Biz)

The truth about why "dumb investors" aren't making as much money as they should in mutual funds. (Advisor One)


How about an authentic MF Global trader's jacket? (Capitalist Pig)


Disclaimer: Joshua Brown is an investment advisor representative with Fusion Analytics. The content above is for informational purposes only, nothing here should ever be construed as investment advice or a solicitation to trade any securities. Mr. Brown or his firm may be long or short securities mentioned above for client or personal accounts at any time.

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