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The Takeaway: Three things Bill Gates learned from Warren E. Buffett

Jun 17, 2013 @ 2:30 pm

By Josh Brown


"Investors should welcome the falling prices that make assets cheaper."  (MoneyBeat)

So you missed the big market what can you do?  (Washington Post)

Here's why Canada is the next crisis economy.  (Business Insider)

Ken Heebner is getting aggressive in a handful of names.  (Insider Monkey)

The Biz

Crazy story - broker gets barred from the industry, digs up enough dirt on the regional Finra supervisor to get him fired too.  (Chicago Tribune)

Dan Solin (BAM): Separating investment advice from financial pornography.  (Huffington Post)

It ain't easy running a China fund for Fidelity these days.  (Financial Times)

Why on earth is Vanguard selling coffee in front of Penn Station this week?  (WealthManagement)

Riskalyze says advisors are using its interest rate risk quantifying tool to steal business away. Here's how:  (Riskalyze)

Great read: Loan shop GSO is making a lot of money for its new owner, Blackstone. Here's why: (Institutional Investor)

Wall Street thinks your new regulations are adorable, cant wait to play with them and dress them up.  (Guardian)

The Wolf of Wall Street trailer just hit the web and it looks amazeballs.  (The Reformed Broker)


Three things Bill Gates learned from Warren Buffett, including where to find good help these days.  (LinkedIn)


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