Best- and worst-performing fixed income funds

By category, ranked by one-year total returns

Dec 22, 2013 @ 12:01 am

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
American Beacon Intermediate Bond Fund Institutional (AABDX)$359.8-1.6%3.4%5.2%0.3%
AllianceBernstein Intermediate Bond Portfolio A (ABQUX)$425.4-1.6%3.6%8.3%0.9%
Hartford Total Return Bond Fund A (ITBAX)$1,604.3-1.6%4.0%6.7%1.0%
Nuveen Core Bond Fund I (FINIX)$420.7-1.7%3.1%7.9%0.5%
RS Investment Quality Bond Fund A (GUIQX)$140.7-1.7%3.8%6.3%0.9%
JPMorgan Core Bond Fund Select (WOBDX)$22,318.8-1.7%3.6%5.8%0.6%
American Funds Bond Fund of America A (ABNDX)$27,619.8-1.8%3.6%7.1%0.6%
Western Asset Core Bond Fund I (WATFX)$2,872.1-1.8%4.4%10.9%0.5%
Lord Abbett Core Fixed Income Fund I (LCRYX)$1,244.4-1.9%4.0%7.1%0.7%
Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Fund (FBNDX)$5,868.0-1.9%4.3%7.8%0.5%
Bottom 5
PACE Strategic Fixed Income Investments P (PCSIX)$932.0-4.0%4.9%8.9%0.8%
DFA Intermediate-Term Extended Quality Port Institutional (DFTEX)$1,502.5-3.8%4.6%N/A0.2%
State Farm Bond Fund Legacy A (SFBAX)$690.1-3.7%2.7%5.2%0.7%
Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund Inv (VBIIX)$14,698.9-3.2%4.7%6.8%0.2%
Columbia Bond Fund Z (UMMGX)$911.9-3.0%3.4%5.8%0.7%
Classification total/average$451,152.9-1.8%3.7%6.7%0.9%
Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Total Return -2.0%3.4%5.0%

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund Institutional (TFCIX)$1,897.116.8%9.4%N/A0.9%
Loomis Sayles Inst High Income Fund Institutional (LSHIX)$666.416.2%10.8%20.3%0.7%
Pioneer High Yield Fund A (TAHYX)$2,038.212.7%8.5%19.4%1.2%
Federated High Yield Trust Svc (FHYTX)$525.812.1%11.4%21.3%1.0%
MassMutual Premier High Yield Fund Y (DLHYX)$251.911.3%11.3%16.6%0.8%
Rydex High Yield Strategy Fund H (RYHGX)$134.911.3%9.9%12.5%1.5%
Guggenheim High Yield Fund A (SIHAX)$106.010.5%7.7%20.1%1.2%
Fidelity Advisor High Income Advantage Fund T (FAHYX)$1,954.310.3%9.5%22.3%1.0%
Nuveen Symphony Credit Opportunities Fund I (NCOIX)$854.910.1%10.3%N/A0.8%
Aberdeen Global High Income Fund A (BJBHX)$2,596.310.1%8.1%17.4%1.0%
Bottom 5
John Hancock Global Income Fund NAV $561.0-0.8%5.9%N/A0.9%
Intrepid Income Fund Investor (ICMYX)$111.23.1%4.6%9.1%1.2%
Wells Fargo Advantage High Yield Bond Fund B (EKHBX)$329.43.2%6.4%17.2%1.8%
RiverPark Short Term High Yield Fund Institutional (RPHIX)$629.93.5%4.1%N/A1.0%
Wells Fargo Advantage Short-Term Hi Yield Bond Fund Inv (STHBX)$1,548.43.5%4.5%7.7%0.9%
Classification total/average$251,349.37.1%8.2%17.5%1.1%
Barclays U.S. High Yield 2% Issuer Cap Total Return7.7%9.5%20.7%

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Natixis Loomis Sayles Strategic Income Fund A (NEFZX)$15,847.311.4%9.3%17.2%1.0%
Lord Abbett Bond-Debenture Fund A (LBNDX)$8,501.87.9%8.4%15.3%1.0%
Putnam Diversified Income Trust A (PDINX)$4,997.17.9%5.6%17.8%1.0%
Osterweis Strategic Income Fund (OSTIX)$5,349.26.8%6.4%10.8%0.9%
Thornburg Strategic Income Fund A (TSIAX)$799.56.1%7.8%14.9%1.3%
Pimco Income Fund Institutional (PIMIX)$29,439.75.4%11.0%15.0%0.5%
Angel Oak Multi-Strategy Income Fund A (ANGLX)$1,891.64.3%N/AN/A1.3%
Transamerica Flexible Income A (IDITX)$242.94.1%6.7%12.1%1.0%
JNL/PPM America Strategic Income Fund A$103.84.0%N/AN/A0.8%
Franklin Strategic Income Fund A (FRSTX)$8,430.63.5%6.2%11.5%0.9%
Bottom 5
Spirit of America Income Fund A (SOAIX)$225.2-4.2%7.3%N/A1.1%
GuidePath Fixed Income Allocation Fund Svc (GPIFX)$209.5-2.9%N/AN/A1.5%
Payden/Kravitz Cash Balance Plan Fund Adviser (PKCBX)$153.2-1.7%1.4%2.6%1.5%
Delaware Diversified Income Fund A (DPDFX)$6,303.4-1.6%4.0%9.3%0.9%
Free Market Fixed Income Fund (FMFIX)$1,440.8-1.3%1.2%1.9%0.8%
Classification total/average$149,682.11.9%5.6%11.5%1.2%
Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Total Return -2.0%3.4%5.0%

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
JPMorgan Tax Aware Income Opportunities Fund A (JTAAX)$412.60.3%0.0%N/A0.8%
Manning & Napier Diversified Tax Exempt Series (EXDVX)$332.6-2.0%3.0%5.8%0.6%
Old Westbury Municipal Bond Fund (OWMBX)$1,265.5-2.3%2.3%4.6%0.6%
Frost Municipal Bond Fund Institutional (FIMUX)$213.9-2.3%3.4%4.6%0.5%
Wells Fargo Advantage CoreBuilder Shares - Series M (WFCMX)$102.7-2.6%7.4%10.8%0.0%
Brown Advisory Tax Exempt Bond Fund Inv (BIAEX)$152.9-2.7%N/AN/A0.6%
Wells Fargo Advantage Municipal Bond Fund Investor (SXFIX)$2,798.2-3.3%5.6%8.9%0.8%
Hartford Municipal Opportunities Fund A (HHMAX)$300.9-3.9%5.2%9.3%0.9%
Thornburg Strategic Municipal Income Fund Institutional (TSSIX)$160.5-4.1%6.2%N/A1.0%
Aberdeen Tax-Free Income Fund A (NTFAX)$103.3-4.3%4.2%5.8%1.0%
Bottom 5
Eaton Vance National Municipal Income Fund B (EVHMX)$3,699.5-10.5%4.5%10.7%1.5%
Eaton Vance AMT-Free Municipal Income Fund I (EVMBX)$354.6-8.9%5.6%10.9%0.7%
Oppenheimer Rochester AMT-Free Municipal Fund A (OPTAX)$2,009.3-8.5%8.7%12.0%0.9%
Lord Abbett AMT Free Municipal Bond Fund A (LATAX)$132.9-8.1%5.9%N/A0.6%
Lord Abbett National Tax Free Income Fund A (LANSX)$1,684.7-7.7%5.5%9.3%0.8%
Classification total/average$109,002.3-5.7%4.6%7.2%1.0%
Barclays Municipal Bond Total Return -3.9%4.6%6.7%

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Franklin Real Return Fund A (FRRAX)$426.60.6%1.9%4.9%0.9%
American Century Short Duration Inf Prot Bond Inv (APOIX)$928.2-2.3%3.5%5.8%0.6%
SEI Inst Managed Real Return Fund A (SRAAX)$304.7-2.4%1.7%N/A0.9%
Lord Abbett Inflation Focused Fund A (LIFAX)$927.7-2.4%N/AN/A0.8%
JPMorgan Inflation Managed Bond Fund Select (JRBSX)$1,498.0-2.9%2.7%N/A0.6%
AllianceBernstein Bond Inflation Strategy 1 (ABNOX)$404.9-5.9%3.3%N/A0.6%
American Beacon Treasury Infl Prot Secs Fund Inst (ATPIX)$211.9-5.9%2.9%5.2%0.3%
Nuveen Inflation Protected Securities Fund I (FYIPX)$327.6-8.2%4.1%6.7%0.6%
Western Asset Inflation Indexed Plus Bond Fund I (WAIIX)$573.4-8.6%3.7%6.5%0.3%
Nationwide Inflation-Protected Securities Fund Inst (NIFIX)$145.6-8.9%N/AN/A0.3%
Bottom 5
Pimco Real Return Asset Fund Institutional (PRAIX)$607.1-17.8%5.7%9.3%0.6%
Delaware Inflation Protected Bond Fund A (DIPAX)$177.9-14.6%0.5%3.9%0.8%
DWS Global Inflation Fund Institutional (TIPIX)$139.6-11.3%2.7%4.8%0.6%
John Hancock Real Return Bond Fund NAV $535.9-10.2%3.6%7.8%0.8%
Pacific Life Inflation Managed Fund P$175.1-10.0%3.7%7.0%0.6%
Classification total/average$79,481.3-8.1%3.1%5.5%0.8%
Barclays U.S. TIPS Total Return-9.3%4.0%6.1%

Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*
Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund A (HFRAX)$1,346.517.2%11.9%12.3%1.3%
Nuveen Symphony Floating Rate Income Fund A (NFRAX)$650.08.0%N/AN/A1.1%
Guggenheim Floating Rate Strategies Fund Institutional (GIFIX)$1,062.07.3%N/AN/A0.8%
First Trust Short Duration High Income C (FDHCX)$112.77.1%N/AN/A2.0%
Fidelity Series Floating Rate High Income Fund (FFHCX)$1,517.96.7%N/AN/A0.8%
Hartford Floating Rate High Income Fund A (HFHAX)$418.06.7%N/AN/A1.1%
Natixis Loomis Sayles Senior Float Rate & Fxd Inc Y (LSFYX)$1,370.66.5%N/AN/A0.9%
Pacific Life Floating Rate Income Fund I (PLFRX)$852.76.4%N/AN/A0.8%
Oppenheimer Senior Floating Rate Fund A (OOSAX)$18,182.56.3%5.9%13.3%1.2%
Lord Abbett Floating Rate Fund A (LFRAX)$8,625.36.1%5.9%11.2%0.8%
Bottom 5
Fidelity Advisor Floating Rate High Income Fund Institutional (FFRIX)$15,741.04.0%4.3%9.9%0.8%
Neuberger Berman Floating Rate Income Fund A (NFIAX)$598.84.1%5.1%N/A1.1%
T. Rowe Price Floating Rate Fund (PRFRX)$306.04.2%N/AN/A0.9%
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate & High Income Fund C (ECFHX)$2,576.04.3%4.9%12.7%1.8%
Federated Floating Rate Strategic Income Fund Institutional (FFRSX)$447.34.3%4.4%N/A0.8%
Classification total/average$132,904.45.4%5.4%12.2%1.2%
S&P/LSTA Leveraged Loan Total Return5.4%5.6%14.2%

Assets and expense ratio as of Nov. 13; returns as of Dec. 9. Distinct classes and funds with $100 million portfolio minimum only. Excludes leveraged and inverse funds. Funds closed to new investors have been omitted for the top-10 grouping. Rankings are based on unrounded figures. Three-year and five-year returns are annualized. In case of multiple share classes, the oldest share class is listed. N/A=not available (fund has been in operation for less than the year indicated). *Net prospectus Source: Lipper


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