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What to expect from the Davos World Economic Forum

Plus: How Davos big-thinkers whiffed last year, time to worry about deflation again, hedge funds go for the gold, a Super Bowl market indicator, and Happy MLK Day

Jan 20, 2014 @ 7:57 am

By Jeff Benjamin

  • Turning once again to Davos, Switzerland, for this year's World Economic Forum, where the world's economic brainiacs will throw darts at the wall as a means of identifying global market trends. Hint: Look for a safe-haven trade to emerge that will probably look a lot like gold. Five questions for the Davos elite

  • Looking back at Davos 2013, almost everybody got it wrong, so don't get your hopes up. A general failure to spot strength in the U.S. markets

  • Just when you thought it was safe to stop worrying about inflation, here comes that other scary 'flation' word, deflation. Turns out that when rich countries grow for several years at a barely recognizable pace, even the slightest slowdown opens the door for deflation. The ogre scaring the global economy

  • Hedge funds get bullish on gold as a Goldman report calls gains short-lived. Net-long positions up 7.6%

  • Now that we know which two teams will be in the Super Bowl, it is immediately time to start analyzing what the big game will mean to the financial markets. With history as a guide, it looks as if we should be cheering for the Seattle Seahawks this year. The official Super Bowl Indicator

  • Happy MLK Day. Take a look at some of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s best but least known speeches and written words. Beyond 'I have a dream'


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