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Using derivatives even when they hurt society

Plus: Dr. Doom gets even doomier, more sluggish economic growth, cashing in on video surveillance, and the pros and cons of free airport Wi-Fi

By Jeff Benjamin

Jan 23, 2014 @ 7:57 am (Updated 11:10 am) EST

  • From the Davos Forum: Hedge fund manager admits he loves trading derivatives and that derivatives are bad for society. Umm, thanks? Net negative

  • Did Nouriel Roubini just predict a war between China and Japan while drawing parallels between 2014 and 1914? They don't call him Dr. Doom for nothing. The gilded age of inequality

  • Ever so slowly, the economy continues to scratch and claw its way toward something that remotely resembles a recovery. Today's data points include home sales, jobless claims, and manufacturing. The expiration of extended benefits for 1.3 million Americans

  • Global video surveillance is on the rise, and there are stocks likely to benefit. Expanding into new markets

  • Free Wi-Fi at the airport might depend on your definition of 'free,' but I still like the trend. We just need to somehow get those tight-fisted New York-area airports on board. Customers want free Wi-Fi

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