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Build a better digital calendar now

Feb 24, 2014 @ 9:03 am

By Blane Warrene

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Two apps that can be very helpful in starting an editorial calendar also work across nearly all platforms and devices. Evernote and Pocket offer ways to snip content from the web browser and other online sources to stow ideas you may want to explore in your own content creation.

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Content stowed in these apps from online can be interacted with offline in addition to staying in sync across the platforms and devices to which you add them. Thus an article saved on your computer at work is synced to your smart phone or tablet when browsing at home on the weekend.

Both apps also offer social sharing tools for your informal content sharing throughout each day and week.

Evernote offers two bonus features. A reminders tool that can prompt you to follow up on items to stay on track with your content calendar and a sharing capability if you are coordinating your digital content as a team.

Blane Warrene speaks and writes frequently on technology and the intersection of marketing and compliance in financial services. He co-founded Arkovi and QuonWarrene, the former acquired by RegEd in 2012. He produces the Digital Well podcast and is focused on helping financial advisers and institutions explore and define what being a digital business means to them.


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