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PE giant Carlyle Group is eyeing the retail investor market and liquid alts

Mar 26, 2014 @ 7:49 am

By Jeff Benjamin

  • In the latest sign of the times, renowned private-equity firm The Carlyle Group is looking to buy a traditional asset manager as an expansion strategy. Everyone wants a piece of the white-hot liquid- alternatives market. The pursuit of more predictable income streams

  • Liquid alts bonus: My take on how the market is being flooded with product

  • Has the extended quantitative-easing program exaggerated the risk of extreme inflation? Perhaps we would have been better off just dealing with the economic slump the old-fashioned way. The QE trap

  • The party might be ending for small-cap stocks, as valuations are reflecting “too much good news.” Historically, this is when the category starts to fall behind its large-cap brethren. Profit estimates are falling

  • It's not too early to start getting a little defensive with your portfolio, according to Morningstar Inc. Be grateful that you've recovered from January. And don't get greedy. The time is right for some portfolio spring cleaning

  • What should have been seen as an obvious downside to extending unemployment benefits to the horizon: Now it's even harder for those folks to get a job. Living in the margins of the labor market

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