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Markets are bracing for a rough start to the week

Apr 7, 2014 @ 8:05 am

By Jeff Benjamin

  • The doomsayers are out in force this morning, calling for a dismal start to earnings season and a general stock market slide. Looks like a rough Monday, folks. Beyond the momentum-stock selloff

  • The SEC is finally getting serious about its oversight of private equity and hedge funds. The beefed-up oversight will be led by former private equity and hedge fund pros. Focus on valuations, fees and disclosures

  • Before getting too excited about a company's stock repurchase program, you might want to consider whether the company is buying at the top. Less bang for the buyback buck

  • The iPhone's new stock-trading app gives us another reason to stare at our phones and ignore those around us all day long. Ain't technology grand? Trading stocks and taking selfies at the same time

  • Phone apps to help you quit some bad habits. Nothing so far on how to deal with being addicted to your phone. Stop biting your nails

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