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Consumers left in the loan lurch as big banks still hold off

Apr 18, 2014 @ 7:51 am

By Jeff Benjamin

  • As the big banks rolled out earnings reports over the past week it has become increasingly obvious that consumers are still not getting clean and clear access to credit. Corporate lending is up 7%

  • Brinker Capital jumps on the liquid alts bandwagon in the latest sign of a real and fast-expanding category. Responding to requests from financial advisers

  • Some stocks like higher interest rates more than others. Life is not fair and that might be a good thing for savvy investors. Companies will benefit disproportionately

  • Commodities are once again acting as diversifiers and investors are taking notice. YTD inflows reverse 2013 outflows

  • Rumors of ECB stimulus plans are driving European bonds higher and pushing yields to new lows. This looks like Mario Draghi's no-holds-barred effort to nudge the inflation rate above 0.5%. Pledging unlimited support

  • Merrill Lynch has trimmed its 2014 housing market forecast. The main culprit? You guessed it, weather. A more muted rebound

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