Separately managed accounts

Ranked by second-quarter returns

Aug 23, 2015 @ 12:01 am

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U.S. large-cap equity

Product2Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocation
Edgewood Management - Large Cap Growth Equity*3.78%12.17%22.27%22.33%14.17%1.57$12,163.6 TeamNew York
John Hancock Asset Management - Fundamental Large Cap Core Wrap*3.60%8.93%18.96%19.41%14.30%1.35$8,135.0 TeamBoston
Thornburg Investment Management, Inc. - Thornburg U.S. Equity Wrap3.34%11.23%21.80%15.49%16.72%0.92$1,809.4 TeamSanta Fe, N.M.
The London Co. - Concentrated2.67%8.21%16.60%21.54%12.57%1.71$140.3 TeamRichmond, Va.
AllianceBernstein - Strategic Research*2.64%12.87%22.59%18.29%18.98%0.96$2,754.7 TeamNew York
Fred Alger Management Inc. - Large Cap Growth2.59%13.05%20.26%18.04%13.63%1.32$1,137.6 Dan C. ChungNew York
Suffolk Capital Management - Core2.56%13.97%24.66%18.47%16.86%1.09$704.0 TeamNew York
Kovitz Investment Group - Kovitz Core Equity2.44%8.92%17.32%16.90%12.40%1.36$1,525.6 TeamChicago
Argent Capital Management - Large Cap Equity2.40%13.36%20.67%20.18%14.51%1.38$2,489.7 TeamSt. Louis
Polen Capital Management - Polen Focus Growth2.38%19.03%17.17%19.40%13.31%1.45$5,889.5 TeamBoca Raton, Fla.
J.P. Morgan Asset Management - Large Cap Growth2.33%16.05%17.44%19.85%14.42%1.37$20,831.7 Giri DevulapallyNew York
Ziegler Capital Management - Red Granite Large Cap Growth2.30%17.60%20.70%19.39%13.36%1.45$633.9 TeamChicago
Cambiar Investors - Value Equity2.28%6.80%18.12%14.78%15.44%0.95$3,714.3 TeamDenver
Legg Mason Inc. - ClearBridge Large Cap Growth - SMA2.25%14.97%22.71%20.96%12.72%1.64$7,419.8 TeamBaltimore
AllianceBernstein - AB Concentrated Growth (MA)*2.20%14.33%21.30%20.89%14.03%1.48$2,791.0 James TierneyNew York
S&P 5000.28%7.42%17.32%17.35%12.72%1.36

U.S. mid-cap equity

Product2Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocation
Steinberg Asset Management - Mid-Cap Value Equity4.29%2.35%17.65%16.07%14.84%1.08$121.8 Michael A. SteinbergNew York
The Boston Co. Asset Management - SMID Cap Opportunistic Value4.27%8.29%22.70%20.08%20.79%0.96$1,655.7 David A. DaglioBoston
J.P. Morgan Asset Management - Mid Cap Growth4.11%13.82%23.62%20.30%17.70%1.14$6,993.0 Timothy PartonNew York
Apex Capital Management - Small/Mid Cap Growth3.83%10.65%22.31%21.90%18.76%1.16$5,269.9 TeamDayton, Ohio
Pinnacle Associates Ltd. - Small Mid Cap Equity3.26%9.78%22.42%21.24%19.93%1.06$3,128.0 TeamNew York
Wells Fargo - Fundamental SMID Cap Growth Equity3.23%12.56%19.00%20.78%17.89%1.16$114.6 TeamSan Francisco
Riverbridge Partners - SMID Cap Growth2.85%10.53%15.41%19.49%12.99%1.49$1,803.2 TeamMinneapolis
Stephens Investment Management Group - Mid Cap Growth2.33%8.41%16.64%18.33%14.67%1.24$190.0 Ryan E. CraneHouston
Quantum Capital Management - Mid Cap Growth2.23%13.49%19.89%21.58%16.40%1.31$583.0 Timothy D. ChatardSan Francisco
Oak Ridge Investments - Small to Mid Cap Growth2.10%13.01%19.91%19.75%15.20%1.29$3,793.2 TeamChicago
Schroders Investment Management - U.S. Small & Mid Cap Opportunity2.07%12.53%20.02%17.49%14.79%1.18$3,533.1 Jenny JonesNew York
Geneva Capital Management - Mid Cap Equity2.03%14.63%15.72%18.14%15.06%1.2$3,422.0 TeamMilwaukee
New Amsterdam Partners - Small-Mid Cap Active Equity*1.95%11.92%21.21%22.49%19.33%1.16$214.8 TeamNew York
Artisan Partners Limited Partnership - Mid Cap Growth SMA1.91%10.24%19.36%20.75%16.91%1.22$16,553.0 TeamMilwaukee
Tradewinds Global Investors - Small to Mid Cap Value1.90%0.51%10.78%8.66%15.10%0.57$194.8 Andrew ThelenLos Angeles
Russell Midcap-1.54%6.63%19.26%18.23%15.36%1.18

U.S. small-cap equity

Product2Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocation
Oberweis Asset Management Inc. - Concentrated Small-Cap Growth Strategy9.34%11.05%17.57%15.35%22.38%0.68$156.0 TeamLisle, Ill.
The Boston Co. Asset Management - Small Cap Growth6.31%19.89%22.83%20.33%17.50%1.16$525.0 Todd WakefieldBoston
Timpani Capital Management - Small Cap Growth6.22%17.33%23.95%22.40%21.07%1.06$349.5 Brandon M. NelsonMilwaukee
Federated Investors Inc. - MDT Small Cap Growth4.41%12.26%21.11%21.96%21.04%1.04$121.4 TeamPittsburgh
Apex Capital Management - Small Cap Growth4.33%14.80%22.51%23.52%17.99%1.3$1,165.3 TeamDayton, Ohio
Rice Hall James & Associates - Small Cap Equity4.20%14.26%20.19%21.17%17.00%1.24$1,091.4 TeamSan Diego
LMCG Investments - Small Cap Growth3.96%20.58%25.38%22.46%19.59%1.14$337.3 Andrew MoreyBoston
Rice Hall James & Associates - Small Cap Opportunities3.32%17.41%23.24%25.03%15.23%1.64$620.3 TeamSan Diego
Conestoga Capital Advisors - Small Cap Growth3.30%8.57%15.81%18.38%17.67%1.04$1,691.6 TeamWayne, Pa.
Atlanta Capital Management - High Quality SMID3.18%14.16%20.06%20.30%15.78%1.28$8,016.5 TeamAtlanta
Kennedy Capital Management - Small Cap Select2.98%0.94%12.86%15.24%16.60%0.91$317.8 Terry RatermanSt. Louis
SouthernSun Asset Management - Small Cap2.93%-7.66%17.25%21.73%21.24%1.02$2,518.8 Michael W. Cook Sr.Memphis, Tenn.
PNC Capital Advisors - Small Cap Portfolio2.68%12.83%21.84%21.89%16.83%1.3$1,156.1 TeamBaltimore
Eagle Asset Management - Small Cap Growth - Retail2.43%13.04%19.13%19.15%18.44%1.03$9,670.9 TeamSt. Petersburg, Fla.
ClearBridge Investments - ClearBridge Small Cap Value2.32%1.89%16.14%15.52%18.48%0.84$466.6 TeamNew York
Russell 20000.42%6.49%17.81%17.08%17.77%0.96

International, global, emerging-markets equity

Product2Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocation
Thornburg Investment Management Inc. - Thornburg International Equity4.91%9.53%12.15%9.85%15.25%0.64$12,055.3 TeamSanta Fe, N.M.
Tradewinds Global Investors - International ORD3.62%-2.79%11.30%5.98%13.43%0.44$886.2 Peter L. BoardmanLos Angeles
Cambiar Investors - International ADR3.54%1.93%14.24%12.91%15.59%0.82$3,208.4 TeamDenver
HGK Asset Management Inc. - International Equity3.51%-2.49%18.53%12.74%17.76%0.71$718.0 Richard BruceJersey City, N.J.
Lazard Asset Management - International Equity Select ADR - SMA3.45%-0.38%13.63%12.55%14.86%0.84$4,447.2 TeamNew York
McKinley Capital Management - International Non-U.S. Growth2.97%3.62%13.91%10.63%15.40%0.69$2,456.7 TeamAnchorage, Alaska
Hansberger Growth Investors - Hansberger International Growth ADR2.89%1.54%12.34%9.46%19.34%0.49$570.1 TeamBurlington, Ontario
Brandes Investment Partners - International Equity2.81%-2.40%14.01%9.84%14.23%0.69$10,885.9 TeamSan Diego
NorthRoad Capital Management - International Equity2.81%-2.67%12.01%9.88%13.72%0.71$359.6 TeamNew York
Newgate Capital Management - Emerging Markets2.77%-3.03%3.90%2.18%20.48%0.1$218.0 TeamGreenwich, Conn.
Legg Mason Inc. - ClearBridge International Growth ADR SMA2.68%3.74%14.91%11.71%15.87%0.73$634.2 TeamBaltimore
Tradewinds Global Investors - International Value ADR2.66%-4.46%10.00%5.51%13.48%0.4$1,174.9 Peter L. BoardmanLos Angeles
J.P. Morgan Asset Management - International ADR2.65%0.52%11.53%10.02%16.13%0.62$12,779.1 James FisherNew York
del Rey Global Investors - International Equity2.32%-3.67%10.52%5.42%13.61%0.39$381.5 Paul HechmerLos Angeles
MFS Investment Management - MFS Research International Portfolio (ADR only)2.32%-1.84%12.23%10.40%15.50%0.67$861.4 TeamBoston
Russell Dev ex North America Large Cap0.64%-3.97%12.50%9.87%15.60%0.63
Russell Dev Large Cap0.21%1.50%14.66%13.38%13.60%0.98
Russell Emerging Markets Large Cap1.35%-4.88%4.52%4.26%17.45%0.24

U.S. fixed income

Product2Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocation
First Western Capital Management - High Yield Short Duration1.56%1.90%7.22%8.21%5.05%1.61$197.4 Steven S. MichaelsLos Angeles
Pacific Income Advisers - U.S. High Yield1.41%1.64%7.86%9.05%5.33%1.68$633.0 TeamSanta Monica, Calif.
First Western Capital Management - High Yield Fixed Income1.33%0.97%7.49%9.37%5.52%1.68$298.7 Steven S. MichaelsLos Angeles
Diamond Hill Capital Management Inc. - Strategic Income0.97%3.42%5.29%6.63%3.24%2.02$271.1 TeamColumbus, Ohio
Shenkman Capital Management Inc. - Short Duration High Income Strategy0.80%2.21%4.10%5.49%2.56%2.11$3,470.5 Nicholas SarcheseNew York
Brandywine Global Investment Management - High Yield0.64%-0.84%7.64%10.15%5.64%1.79$382.6 TeamPhiladelphia
Three Peaks Capital Management - High Yield Bond0.38%1.51%5.25%6.58%2.98%2.18$295.0 Sandy RufenachtCastle Rock, Colo.
Shenkman Capital Management Inc. - High Yield Bond Strategy0.33%1.52%6.30%7.95%5.35%1.47$12,928.3 TeamNew York
Oppenheimer Investment Management - High Yield Fixed Income0.22%-3.53%5.55%7.37%6.26%1.16$228.1 Leo DierckmanCarmel, Ind.
Lazard Asset Management - U.S. Short Duration Fixed Income0.16%0.81%0.92%1.36%0.60%2.15$505.4 TeamNew York
Pacific Income Advisers - Short Term0.13%1.05%0.81%1.03%0.50%1.88$127.0 TeamSanta Monica, Calif.
PNC Capital Advisors - Ultra Short0.13%0.43%0.57%0.68%0.22%2.71$686.9 TeamBaltimore
Dana Investment Advisors Inc. - Limited Volatility0.11%0.90%0.90%1.42%0.56%2.4$1,194.2 TeamBrookfield, Wis.
Sterling Capital Management - Enhanced Cash Management0.11%0.63%0.81%0.98%0.41%2.2$2,518.0 TeamCharlotte, N.C.
Wasmer Schroeder & Co. Inc. - Short-Term Taxable Fixed Income0.11%0.92%1.39%1.89%0.90%2$145.6 TeamNaples, Fla.
Barclays Aggregate-1.68%1.85%1.83%3.35%3.04%1.07

U.S. municipals

Product2Q return1-year return3-year return5-year return5-year std dev5-year Sharpe ratioAssets ($M)ManagerLocation
Stonebridge Capital Advisors - Tax Exempt Fixed Income0.28%2.39%3.18%4.28%2.54%1.65$502.2 TeamSt. Paul, Minn.
Gurtin Fixed Income Management - Core Tax-Exempt0.12%0.76%1.10%1.65%0.77%2.06$2,100.2 TeamSolana Beach, Calif.
PNC Capital Advisors - Enhanced Cash Municipal0.12%0.43%0.52%0.57%0.11%4.58$142.1 TeamBaltimore
C.W. Henderson & Associates - Short-Term Strategy T/E0.08%0.54%0.71%0.92%0.28%2.99$315.0 TeamChicago
Sterling Capital Management - Enhanced Cash Municipal0.07%0.38%0.63%0.87%0.30%2.63$837.7 Team ManagedCharlotte, N.C.
Gurtin Fixed Income Management - California Municipal Value0.06%4.06%5.28%6.15%4.02%1.51$858.4 TeamSolana Beach, Calif.
PNC Capital Advisors - Short Municipal0.04%0.46%0.73%1.19%0.72%1.56$564.7 TeamBaltimore
Sterling Capital Management - Short Term Municipal-0.01%0.44%0.81%1.23%0.66%1.76$1,616.3 TeamCharlotte, N.C.
Capstone Asset Management Co. - Municipal Fixed Income-0.03%1.50%1.96%2.62%1.99%1.27$416.8 TeamHouston
Appleton Partners - Short Term Municipal Bond*-0.05%0.73%1.13%1.89%1.34%1.35$678.6 TeamBoston
Dana Investment Advisors Inc. - Municipal Bond-0.07%1.65%1.96%2.65%1.12%2.3$312.0 TeamBrookfield, Wis.
Eaton Vance - TABS Limited Maturity-0.08%1.21%1.42%2.47%2.11%1.13$3,507.5 TeamBoston
Breckinridge Capital Advisors Inc. - Limited-Term Tax-Efficient Bond Strategy-0.09%0.80%1.09%1.71%1.18%1.38$1,495.7 TeamBoston
Capital Group - Capital Group PCS Short Term Municipal Composite*-0.09%0.58%1.11%1.72%1.18%1.39$272.3 TeamLos Angeles
Gurtin Fixed Income Management - Municipal Value-0.11%3.58%4.75%5.77%3.66%1.55$2,035.1 TeamSolana Beach, Calif.
Barclays Municipal Bond-0.89%3.00%3.10%4.50%4.18%1.06

*Preliminary. The separately managed account products listed in these tables generated the highest performance for the second quarter ended June 30. Rankings are based on performance reported to PrimaGuide research application by Aug. 7. In the case of ties, products are listed alphabetically. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and advisers should rely on additional factors when determining whether to include SMAs in their client portfolios. The PrimaGuide SMA universe isn't intended to be all-inclusive but rather represents a diversified group of products that are available to, and suitable for, the affluent retail investor.

Source: Envestnet


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