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Best- and worst-performing emerging-market funds

Ranked by one-year return

Aug 19, 2017 @ 6:00 am

By IN Research and Ellie Zhu

U.S. open-end diversified emerging-market funds
TOP 10
NameCurrent fund-level net assetsYTD return1-year return3-year return5-year returnNet expense ratio
Ashmore Emerging Markets Value Instl (EMFIX)$10,064,105 31.19%41.24%3.52%6.70%1.17%
Baillie Gifford Emerging Markets 5 (BGEDX)$1,673,126,085 37.71%39.27%N/AN/A0.71%
Delaware Emerging Markets Instl (DEMIX)$3,471,029,667 30.86%35.65%3.86%11.17%1.49%
Templeton Instl Emerging Markets Ser Adv (TEEMX)$43,714,006 31.07%34.15%3.83%6.71%1.33%
Pioneer Emerging Markets A (PEMFX)$105,243,686 33.60%33.94%-1.08%3.29%1.95%
Macquarie Pooled Emerging Markets II (DPEGX)$38,654,202 31.89%32.45%1.43%8.51%1.20%
Pzena Emerging Markets Value Instl (PZIEX)$34,710,454 25.00%32.33%1.23%N/A1.25%
VALIC Company I Emerg Economies (VCGEX)$643,235,362 28.86%31.77%2.67%6.21%0.97%
PIMCO RAE Fundamental PLUS EMG Inst (PEFIX)$1,357,779,987 20.54%31.59%2.16%6.11%1.15%
Templeton Developing Markets A (TEDMX)$1,322,780,143 29.20%31.37%2.60%5.15%1.58%

NameCurrent fund-level net assetsYTD return1-year return3-year return5-year returnNet expense ratio
Wasatch Frontier Emerg Sm Countrs Inv (WAFMX)$185,011,937 10.37%1.53%-6.72%4.77%2.25%
Manning & Napier Emerging Markets S (MNEMX)$84,928,929 10.33%3.12%-4.63%2.76%1.15%
Victory Expedition Emerg Mkts Sm Cap I (VIEMX)$21,144,289 14.86%3.18%-2.62%N/A1.50%
Amana Developing World Investor (AMDWX)$25,296,634 16.08%4.78%-2.97%0.78%1.30%
Morgan Stanley Inst EMkts Sm Cap I (MSEMX)$20,172,571 21.22%8.88%N/AN/A1.61%
Driehaus Emerging Markets Small Cap Gr (DRESX)$212,802,351 20.83%9.24%-1.62%6.44%1.73%
AQR Emerging Defensive Style I (AZEIX)$57,059,806 19.22%9.30%-3.08%1.04%0.68%
Pear Tree PanAgora Risk Prty EMkts Instl (EMRPX)$53,724,119 15.89%9.78%-3.50%N/A1.03%
Harding Loevner Frontier Emerg Mkts Inst (HLFMX)$376,820,175 13.35%11.26%-5.10%6.09%1.79%
RBC Emerging Markets Small Cap Eq I (RESIX)$5,005,022 19.47%11.90%1.88%N/A1.60%
U.S. open-end diversified emerging-market average (all share classes)24.13%21.99%1.35%5.84%1.48%

U.S. open-end emerging-market bond funds (including local-currency funds)
TOP 10
NameCurrent fund-level net assetsYTD return1-year return3-year return5-year returnNet expense ratio
Ashmore Emerging Mkts Corp Debt Instl (EMCIX)$263,881,616 9.43%17.31%5.06%5.84%1.17%
American Beacon Glb Evl Ftr Mks Inc Inst (AGEIX)$103,526,413 10.01%13.64%4.69%N/A1.27%
Barings Emerging Markets Local Ccy Dbt I (BXLIX)$4,676,631 16.75%12.70%N/AN/A0.84%
Ashmore Emerging Markets Short Dur Instl (ESFIX)$128,367,730 4.92%12.11%9.71%N/A0.67%
Templeton Emerging Markets Bond Advisor (FEMZX)$15,556,688 8.73%12.01%2.98%N/A0.98%
Barings Emerg Mkts Dbt Blnded Ttl Ret I (BXEIX)$9,567,344 12.98%11.55%N/AN/A0.92%
Ashmore Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Bd Instl (ELBIX)$76,103,452 13.47%10.76%-2.40%-0.22%0.97%
TCW Emerging Markets Local Ccy Inc I (TGWIX)$139,509,242 12.67%10.76%-1.27%0.07%0.99%
Eaton Vance Emerging Markets Local Inc A (EEIAX)$388,412,962 12.75%10.40%-0.82%0.96%1.25%
Ashmore Emerging Markets Ttl Ret Instl (EMKIX)$885,298,711 9.56%10.37%2.71%3.64%1.02%

NameCurrent fund-level net assetsYTD return1-year return3-year return5-year returnNet expense ratio
Guinness Atkinson Renminbi Yuan & Bond (GARBX)$2,057,348 5.27%0.71%-0.91%1.11%0.90%
Amana Participation Institutional (AMIPX)$33,604,265 2.30%1.57%N/AN/A0.67%
Rydex Emerging Markets Bond Strategy H (RYGTX)$749,492 6.17%1.85%0.22%N/A1.54%
HSBC Total Return I (HTRIX)$12,742,329 3.04%2.73%2.50%2.41%1.24%
Lazard Explorer Total Return Instl (LETIX)$211,290,581 3.40%3.19%0.00%N/A1.12%
Ivy Pictet Emerging Mkts Lcl Ccy Dbt I (IECIX)$108,538,657 7.66%3.52%-2.54%N/A1.00%
DoubleLine Low Dur Emerg Mkts Fxd Inc I (DBLLX)$171,735,071 3.55%3.57%2.56%N/A0.59%
BlackRock Emerg Mkts Flex Dyn Bd K (BREDX)$95,870,273 -0.02%3.85%5.34%3.33%0.83%
Aberdeen Asia Bond Institutional (CSABX)$16,328,980 9.25%3.91%2.01%1.84%0.71%
JPMorgan Emerging Markets Debt I (JEMDX)$1,498,605,733 6.74%4.40%3.01%3.97%0.94%
U.S. open-end emerging-market bond including local-currency (all share classes)8.36%7.00%1.09%2.05%1.14%

Source: 2017 Morningstar Inc.
Returns through July 24. N/A = not available (fund has been in operation for less than the year indicated).


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