Sonya Dreizler Schinske

Sonya Dreizler Schinskeage 35

President and CEO, Protected Investors of America Inc.


When Sonya Dreizler Schinske and her father, Bob Dreizler, are together for a family dinner, their spouses sometimes have to ask for a change of topic. That’s because Mr. Dreizler is a financial adviser, and she runs his broker-dealer.

At 35, she’s one of few young women in a position of leadership in the industry.

“I was very driven, and I had what my dad likes to call the mutant financial gene,” she said, remembering her fondness for her passbook savings account as a child. “Turns out it’s in the blood.”

In addition to her father, another of her role models was a former president of the adviser-owned firm, Rita Buchfinck, who convinced her to give the industry a try for at least a year after college. Now Ms. Dreizler Schinske is carrying the ball forward, mentoring women in the financial services industry.

A driving passion for Ms. Dreizler Schinske is environmental, social and corporate-governance investing, a specialty of many of her firm’s 55 advisers. She has started an ESG speaker series for those interested.

“I have a family, and I would like for there to be a good safe planet for a very long time,” she said. “The focus on getting women and diverse representation in the C-suite and on boards is just important to me, obviously for personal reasons and I think you tend to get financial results.”

— Trevor Hunnicutt

Fast Facts

  • Taking a martial arts class, is well into pregnancy
  • Wanted to be an advertising copywriter growing up
  • Has two cats, Ramona and Beezus