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Issue Date: May 30, 2015


Robo-advisers want to plan your clients' future

By Alessandra Malito Mason Braswell

Behind the scenes, robo-advisers are quietly hatching plans to compete more aggressively with flesh-and-blood advisers.

Smaller economies offering bigger returns in the emerging markets sector

By Trevor Hunnicutt

Investors are finding bonds with plumper yields, and stocks that beat the S&P 500

When investing in emerging-markets economies, stock picking beats indexed exposure

By Jeff Benjamin

Investing in specific companies is the best approach, but it entails more risk


Advisers need to step cautiously into the robo-world

Get excited about the opportunities this new technology opens up, but be critical

Duty to retirement plans expanded

Advisers need to be aware of a Supreme Court decision in a major 401(k) fee case's implications for their plan advisory work

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Retirement Watch

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