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Issue Date: July 24, 2014


Rivalry flares between American College, CFP

By Liz Skinner

War of words breaks out after The American College announces revamp of the ChFC designation with changes meant to make it more relevant to advisers.

The latest wrinkle in estate planning: Digital assets

By Darla Mercado

As clients acquire valuable digital assets, like Dan Ashbach (pictured) and his 1.6 million Pinterest followers, estate planners begin to see what happens when there are no contingency plans.


Which counts more — being rich or smart?

Increasing the net-worth threshold to account for inflation would be a minimum step toward updating the definition.

Happy anniversary, Dud-Frank law

Today marks the four-year anniversary of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law, arguably the most sweeping piece of legislation to come out of Congress since the Great Depression. Big whoop. According to Hallmark's

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A recruiting war for recruiters:
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Asset Price Gains and Economic Fragility

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