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Issue Date: October 22, 2014


Advisers face hurdles in the race to grow

By Liz Skinner

Strategic planning required to outrun the competition

Relationships the lifeblood of growth

By Darla Mercado

There is more to building a practice than enjoying a lift from market performance, merging with other firms and adding new advisers and their books of business. It all comes down to

The rise of super-sized firms

By Mason Braswell

Consolidation in the independent space is turning large firms with $1 billion in assets into $10 billion enterprises — putting pressure on small and midsize firms who do not envision selling. While $1 billion in assets used to


Who should be accredited these days?

Time the SEC revamped the accredited investor definition in a way that broadens the potential pool of investors and strengthens verification that they qualify.

Low interest rates hard on retirees

No relief in sight for retirees and other savers who have borne the brunt of the Federal Reserve's easy money policy

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