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Issue Date: July 31, 2015


Advisers share stories about their worst clients ever

By Alessandra Malito Mason Braswell Trevor Hunnicutt

First-hand lessons in how to deal with some of the worst types of clients, and even how to avoid them altogether.

Young advisers want a future, not handouts

By Liz Skinner

Three changes would make the financial advice industry more nurturing and appealing for young professionals

Mutual fund industry comes up short when it comes to women portfolio managers

By Liz Skinner

Statistics show mixed-gender investment management teams outperform single-sex crews


SEC in-house justice system stacks the deck

Too many questionable aspects to the process make it hard to be perceived as fair.

Analyzing Hillary Clinton's capital gains proposal

If the presidential candidate believes long-term capital gains should be rewarded because they will spur economic growth, she should seek to lower rates, not raise them.

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