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Issue Date: November 25, 2012


Indexed annuities' new pals

By Darla Mercado

Private-equity firms are raising their profile in the indexed-annuity space, worrying observers who fear they are taking greater risks in increasing market share.

Sector funds from Fidelity ready for spotlight

By Jason Kephart

When Peter Dixon goes to the mall, he is looking for sales just like any other shopper. Unlike the rest of us, though, Mr. Dixon, who visits about five malls a month, isn't looking to shop. Instead, as the portfolio

U.S. charities might be another victim of fiscal cliff

By Andrew Osterland

Although the holidays are the season of giving, heading into the crucial month of December, the impasse on tax policy in Washington is clouding the picture on Americans' plans for charitable giving. From charities' perspective, the


Millions could be left in dark over AMT

Taxpayers probably won't have a clear idea of their 2012 tax obligations until the last minute this year — and possibly not even then.

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