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Issue Date: January 27, 2013


Vanguard weighs alternatives as way to woo advisers

By Jason Kephart

The Vanguard Group Inc., a longtime champion of low-cost, passive mutual funds, is weighing a more aggressive push into alternative investments.

MetLife's math tweaks VA sales

By Darla Mercado

Financial advisers who have been fans of MetLife Inc. aren't the only ones who will be affected by the company's decision to cut its variable annuity income benefit to 4%. Other major VA manufacturers and financial planners also are

SEC pick signals change of pace

By Mark Schoeff Jr.

As a federal prosecutor, Mary Jo White stared down terrorists and organized-crime bosses. If she becomes the next head of the SEC, she will turn her sights on securities law violators, as well as a host of issues affecting financial


Congress, Obama must learn to compromise

Congress and the president have time before they need to come to grips with the budget deficit, but they would be wise not to squander it on partisan bickering.

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