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All 2013-2011 recruitment and staffing data is as of Dec. 31 in the calendar year displayed. Prior year recruitment and staffing data is as of Sept. 30. All financial figures are for firms' year end, unless noted.

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Operating expensesPre-tax earningsExcess net capitalTotal revenueCommission revenueAnnuity revenueFixed annuity revenueVariable annuity revenueInsurance revenueLife insurance revenueDisability insurance revenueLTC insurance revenueAlternative revenueHedge fund revenueManaged futures revenuePrivate placement revenueREIT revenueFee revenueTotal assetsAvg. assets per repFee-based assetsRepsNo. of reps, maleNo. of reps, femaleProducing repsNo. of producing reps, maleNo. of producing reps, female$100K-$499K reps$500K+ repsCFPsEmployeesFee-based advisersAvg. annual payoutAvg. annual production of top 20% repsTotal payout, per yearSecurities revenuesMutual fund revenuesTotal account assets: OtherRIA platform (Y/N)Social media permitted (Y/N)% of $100K+ repsRetail offices% of $500K+ reps% change in reps% change in producing repsAvg. payout per rep, per year % changeRIA platform AUM

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Rank Firm Reps$100K-$499K reps$500K+ repsAvg. annual payoutEmployeesCFPs
1American Portfolios Financial Services Inc.83331165$163,5428682
2Ameriprise Financial Services Inc.7,526$431,515
3Ameritas Investment Corp.1,26527260$91,386130
4Ausdal Financial Partners227
5AXA Advisors5,0781,490115$98,65237460
6BCG Securities, Inc.87
7Bernardi Securities Inc.25
8Berthel Fisher & Co. Financial Services Inc.33913316$152,0007928
9Broker Dealer Financial Services Corp.269503$62,9975120
10Cadaret, Grant & Co. Inc.95034758$182,583113162
11Cambridge Investment Research Inc.3,0411,003226$222,016579639
12Cantella & Co. Inc.
13Capital Investment Co.196569$166,0382525
14Century Securities Associates Inc.198134301212
15Cetera Advisor Networks2,884$189,5601,624
16Cetera Advisors1,258$215,556513
17Cetera Financial Institutions1,782$140,761621
18Cetera Financial Specialists1,483$74,740503
19CFD Investments Inc.2025810$139,0153627
20Commonwealth Financial Network1,846881482$424,311604696
21Correll Co. Investment Services Corp.8
22Crown Capital Securities L.P.32311612$124,2532580
23CUNA Brokerage Services Inc.49823771$110,80611265
24Financial Services International Corp.33
25Financial Telesis Inc.46014050$375,0001340
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