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$1M is not what it used to be

$1 million used to represent the golden nest egg of a successful retirement. But today, the reality is that the figure has lost its shine. Visit our By the Numbers blog for posts on relevant research, data and trends from around the financial advisory business.

40 under 40 by the numbers

Our inaugural 40 under 40 stood out for more than just their resumes. We measured some of the intangilbles - and some fun facts - that illuminate why this top young talent is the future of the financial advice industry.

The top fee-only RIAs

Is your firm an RIA giant? Check out our recently updated database of the top fee-only RIAs.

Data Library

The InvestmentNews Data Library is a financial adviser's best resource for all things data within the industry. Take a deep dive into technology, RIAs and broker-dealer data, check out what your peers have to say in our readership surveys, or view the latest adviser moves shaking up the industry. All this and more, accessible anywhere and any time.

Adviser Activity

Advisers on the Move

A hub that tracks teams of advisers and brokers changing firms


Events to look out for in 2014


Matthew J. McDowell

Joining: Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Leaving: Wells Fargo Advisors

AUM: $53M

Adviser Partners

CFP Board programs

A list of colleges and universities with a financial-planning curriculum that satisfies CFP Board's education requirement

Trade organizations

Major trade associations in the financial advisory space

Clearing firms

A ranking of clearing firms based on the number of their broker-dealer clients


A ranking of custodians determined by the number of their RIA custody clients.

Registered Investment Advisers

Custodians used by RIAs

A ranking of custodians used by the number of RIA custody clients

Wealthiest states

States with the most assets managed by fee-only registered investment advisers

Broker-dealer RIAs

Ranked by total assets under management

RIA Data Center

An interactive rankings tool providing access to key information on fee-only registered investment advisers

Technology and Social Media

Advisers and social media

Results of a survey on advisers' use of social media.

Most popular tech products

The software products used by most advisers

Technology platforms

The latest on technology at independent broker-dealers

Tech Directory

A directory of software products for advisers and their integration information

Investment Data

Target date funds

Ranking the best- and worst-performing target date funds by category, by three-month return.

Real estate

Rankings of listed and nonlisted real estate investment trusts

Mutual funds

Rankings of the best- and worst-performing funds by category and by sector

Exchange-traded funds

The latest rankings of the lowest-cost and best-performing ETFs

529 plans

The largest section 529 college savings plans, ranked by net assets

More Investment and Insurance Data


A ranking of the largest life insurance companies and a directory of long-term care carriers

Variable and indexed annuities

The latest asset and sales data for variable and indexed annuities.

Donor-advised funds

Grant, account and asset data on the largest donor-advised funds.

Real estate mutual funds

The latest rankings of real estate funds by three-year return, net assets.

Separately managed accounts

Ranked by returns through the fourth quarter of 2014.


B-D Data Center

Recruitment and financial data on more than 100 independent broker-dealers

Fallen B-Ds

A list of independent broker-dealer exits from March 2010 to the present

Insurance providers recommended by B-Ds

The insurance providers that independent broker-dealers most frequently recommend

National and regional brokerages

A directory of the major full-service brokerage firms.

Technology used by IBDs

The latest technology trends at independent broker-dealers

Clearing firms used by B-Ds

A list of the largest clearing firms, ranked by the number of their broker-dealer clients