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Discovering the Hidden Potential of Life Insurance

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Your high-income clients need protection, portfolio diversification, access to cash value, and another potential source of retirement income.

But, would you ever think a life insurance product could solve all of those needs?

Join us to learn how (and why) it is time to rediscover life insurance. This webcast will examine:

* How the life insurance industry is evolving to meet the changing needs of the consumer

* How MetLife’s latest universal life insurance product is challenging traditional concepts to capture a huge, untapped market

* What’s next for universal life insurance

Attendees may submit question before and during this live event.

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Making the Most of Inheriting an Annuity

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How are you going to help your clients maximize their inheritance when they are suddenly the beneficiary of a nonqualified deferred annuity or an IRA?

The truth is, there are several distribution options for non-spouse beneficiaries of these tax-deferred investments that many financial advisors are unaware of. So what are they, and how can you deliver the best strategy to your clients?

Join InvestmentNews and Tom Duncan of Nationwide for a webcast examining these essential IRA and non-qualified annuity strategies.

During this conversation, advisors will:

* Learn the mechanics of how non-spouse beneficiaries of nonqualified deferred annuities and IRAs can inherit these accounts in a tax efficient manner through stretching
* Discover how to answer questions on the three T's of stretching: Timing, Trusts and Transferability
* Learn why becoming proficient at discussing and implementing the stretch concept can be good for your business

Attendees may submit questions before and during this live event.

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How cutting the expense drag on active management will benefit clients

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Critics of active management often point to the lower costs of index and exchange–traded funds. But what most investors and many advisers don’t realize is that a wide variety of these costs are inherent in the mutual fund structure itself and that underperformance of some active strategies versus their passive rivals may be as much a direct result of these costs as any decisions around how the portfolio is managed.

This webcast will explain what these costs are, why they are a drag on performance and how the new, SEC-approved investment vehicle known as NextShares solves that problem by combining the cost effectiveness of exchange-traded funds with the advantages of active management.

Specifically, our panel of experts will discuss:

* How, absent the costs of the mutual fund structure itself, active management can be competitive with passive investing
* Why the administration of open-end fund transactions can be costly
* How long-terms investors in mutual funds today can be negatively impacted by the trading in and out of other investors
* How a fund's cash cushion for redemptions can adversely affect performance
* Ways investors may use the new structure most effectively
* Why the mutual fund structure produces "phantom" capital gains - and tax bills - for many investors

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  • Accepted by IMCA for 1 CIMA®/CIMC®/CPWA® CE credit.



Best Practices Awards and Workshop

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For the third time, InvestmentNews will use our renowned industry research studies to quantitatively recognize the top-performing and most innovative advisers in the financial advice industry.

Through this combined awards ceremony and practice management workshop, these Top-Performers and Innovators will be honored and acknowledged for their achievements and also featured in an integrated print and online special report.

  • Venue: Harvard Club of NYC

    Location: New York, New York

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2015 Alternative Investments Conference

Tuesday, October 27, 2015 - October 28, 2015

By attending the Alternative Investments Conference, advisers will gain a better understanding of non-traditional investments, including how to evaluate them and when to incorporate them into their clients’ portfolios based on the overall investment goals of those clients.

  • Venue: JW Marriott Miami

    Location: Miami, FL

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2015 Women Adviser Summit

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The InvestmentNews Women Adviser Summit, a one-day workshop held in three cities, is uniquely designed for the sophisticated female adviser who wants to take her personal and professional self to the next level.

Attend and:

* Learn how to build a more profitable practice
* Discover how to help clients deal with life transitions
* Find out what your professional personality style says about you
* Get the tips you need to make social media a driving force in your business

  • Venue: Hilton Financial District

    Location: San Francisco , CA

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