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12:01 am EST

Fed sends rate signal and markets react

By Jeff Benjamin

Janet Yellen sent the strongest signal yet that she's going to raise rates next year. Fed confident on U.S. growth, opens door wider to rate hike Equity investors liked the news. At least it removed a tiny bit of uncertainty. Maybe. S&P 500 jumps most since October 2013 on Fed, energy Gold investors, not so much. Gold declines to two-week low on outlook for U.S. interest rates So should anyone be happy about a rate hike? Probably not savers. A Fed rate hike won't help your savings account It's time for all those year-end lists but this one is a little different. The 10 best albums of 2014 and the stocks that loved them Time to stoke up those Cuban cigars? Obama announces U.S. and Cuba will resume relations ... Read full post

Dec 17, 2014

Russia crisis hits Pimco

By Jeff Benjamin

If it's not Bill Gross, it's something else. Russia crisis hits Pimco fund, wipes out options as ruble sinks And what about you and your clients? Is the Russian collapse wrecking your 401(k)? Channeling his inner Jerry Garcia, this market pundit says the cyclical bull market could be in jepardy. Doug Kass examines this Brokedown Palace of a stock market Tired of all the market volatility? The Fed could soothe markets Wednesday Times are tough on Wall Street, right? Wells Fargo to raise charge on brokerage accounts Giving the finance business a bad name, just what it needs. A former BlackRock managing director was banned from the finance industry for dodging train fares... Read full post

Dec 16, 2014

The strange tale of Wall Street's bull

By Jeff Benjamin

The iconic bull sculpture on Wall Street in lower Manhattan wasn't always so. Here's the interesting tale. Wall Street's famed bronze bull arrived 25 years ago (without permission) And to think these guys almost worked with each other. Bill Gross calls an investment 'great' less than a week after Gundlach says it's for 'losers' He made how much trading stocks? Oh, nevermind. Story of the $72 million teen trader unravels Yahoo scores big with another IPO. Yahoo just made $68 million in 2 days Is liquidity all it's cracked up to be? Goldman basket weavers advise buying less-liquid stocks And don't miss what Russia is doing with rates. Ruble jumps on Russia rate hike, oil pressured ... Read full post

Dec 15, 2014

Maybe the Fed isn't going to raise rates next year

By Jeff Benjamin

Maybe the Fed won't raise rates next year. Krugman fighting consensus says 2015 Fed rate increase unlikelyEveryone is enjoying lower prices at the pump but the slide in oil prices carries a big, big risk. Santa got run over by an oil tankerWith market rallying this year, passive investing has become all the rage. Penchant for passive continues in 2014So Congress passed its spending bill so should everyone celebrate? Senate passes spending bill, ends government shutdown threat Washington shenanigans aside, American consumers are becoming happy with the economy. After years of doubts, Americans turn more bullish on economy ... Read full post

Dec 12, 2014

If you only pay attention to a few market experts, Mark Mobius should be one

By Jeff Benjamin

If there are just a few big-name investors you should pay attention to, this guy is one. Mark Mobius on Russia, oil stocks and dangers for long-term investorsYou probably would do OK listening to this guy too but at least one adviser disagrees.After the appellate court's ruling the other day in New York in the case of a couple of hedge fund managers, the big question is how much insider trading is legal? U.S. insider trading ruling roils prosecutors, SECWhat do you make of the rebound in gold? Is it time to get in or a dead cat bounce? One pundit says no The epic battle between stocks and oil could be about to turn. The stock market is winning its 100-year tug of war with oil ... Read full post

Dec 11, 2014

The 30-year bond is wrapping up a stellar year

By Jeff Benjamin

A sweet year for the 30-year bond draws to a close. U.S. 30-year bond return passes 25% this year before auctionSpeaking of bonds, is now the time to go active? Here's howBond funds: What to know before you go activeAll the jobs news isn't good. Ebay considering cutting 10% of workforce: WSJ and BP to spend $1B on thousands of job cutsOil is taking a breather, but the trend is set Oil edges up toward $65, traders see more downside The mother of all inversions? Burger King to save millions in U.S. taxes in 'inversion': study ... Read full post

Dec 10, 2014

Jack Bogle recommends a firm grip on U.S. stocks

By Jeff Benjamin

Jack Bogle stands firm about his love affair with U.S. markets, regardless of the market's strong run. 'It would be nice to only invest when valuations are low.' At this point in the cycle, it is tough to argue against active management. Positioned to outperform over the next five years In the wake of cheap oil look for copper, corn and sugar prices also to start sliding. Rippling through the commodity markets It's the beginning of the end for OPEC. After 54 years, the cartel now mostly exists only on paper. Meanwhile, the Saudis sit back and let prices fall ... Read full post

Dec 9, 2014

It's not too early to start worrying about a spike in oil prices

By Jeff Benjamin

It's not too early to start worrying about a spike in oil prices. Is OPEC stealing our future? In the wake of a really big year, Vanguard is getting ready to try its hand at providing financial advice. 'Really super high-quality advice at a very low cost' A pattern of diverging global economies translates to risk, and some opportunities, says Mohamed El-Erian. Four groups of countries set to dominate John Paulson's comeback that wasn't. Event-driven fund falls 27% ... Read full post

Dec 8, 2014

Wall Street makes a case for why consumers should be spending big

By Jeff Benjamin

Hey consumers, all eyes are on you. So go out and spend money. The expectations are high The first step toward not becoming a bag lady is steering clear of 'bag lady syndrome.' Working with female clients The insurance industry's digital innovators are making aggressive moves, even if they might also be going out on a limb. The differences between digital transformers and digital followers Falling oil prices continue to steal the thunder from those countries that produce it. And that is a very good thing. 'This is the closest thing to a free market in oil we have seen in years.' ... Read full post

Dec 5, 2014

DoubleLine's Jeffrey Gundlach thinks the dollar will keep getting stronger

By Jeff Benjamin

DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach called the dollar rally, and now he's calling for it to charge further ahead. Not worried about a crowded dollar trade Warren Buffett jumps on the Hillary Clinton bandwagon. Formerly 'dead broke' Hillary gets $25K worth of support from the world's third-richest man. 'Hillary is going to win.' Alerting bond fund managers to get flexible or go bust. Bill Eigen says he will only manage fixed income if he can go short and hold lots of cash. 'Fixed income does not have the ability to make back loses like equities.' Robert Shiller slams the door on homeownership in favor of stocks. Say what? It's important that we have homeowners. Just don't be one. ... Read full post

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