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Jun 14, 2015, 12:01 AM EST

Equity and fixed income mutual fund index returns by the numbers

By InvestmentNews Data, Trevor Hunnicutt and Ellie Zhu

Returns on some widely used U.S. and global bond indexes slipped into negative territory this year, while the long rally in U.S. stocks slowed. Investors who diversified abroad were able to harvest some excess returns, particularly in China and Japan. Investors who turned to higher-yielding bond funds were able to salvage some of the losses on other bonds.... Read full post

Jun 14, 2015, 12:01 AM EST

The best- and worst-performing equity mutual funds

By InvestmentNews Data

Large-Cap Growth Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Shelton NASDAQ-100 Index Fund Direct (NASDX)$226.221.96%23.99%20.35%0.49%Columbia Large Cap Growth Fund Z (GEGTX)$3,373.121.94%22.91%17.65%0.89%Janus Forty Fund S (JARTX)$2,320.021.45%21.61%14.86%1.02%USAA Nasdaq-100 Index Fund (USNQX)$805.421.42%23.25%19.67%0.64%Rydex NASDAQ-100 Fund Investor (RYOCX)$915.420.73%22.50%19.05%1.29%Deutsche Capital Growth Fund S (SCGSX)$1,644.619.91%21.83%16.29%0.72%Columbia Select Large Cap Growth Fund Z (UMLGX)$7,111.519.48%24.61%18.68%0.85%Polen Growth Fund;Institutional (POLIX)$406.419.20%17.81%N/A1.00%John Hancock Capital Appreciation Fund NAV (JHCPX)$2,289.118.97%21.64%17.17%0.73%TIAA-CREF Large-Cap Growth Fund Institutional (TILGX)$3,120.518.89%23.56%17.94%0.44%Bottom 5Fidelity Fifty (FFTYX)$721.37.50%20.25%16.03%0.83%John Hancock Select Growth Fund A (RGROX)$396.57.69%15.16%12.92%1.18%Fidelity... Read full post

Jun 14, 2015, 12:01 AM EST

Best- and worst-performing international mutual funds

By InvestmentNews Data

Equity International Small/Mid-Cap Growth Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*Touchstone International Small Cap Fund Y (TNSYX)$192.610.40%22.25%15.18%1.32%Victory Trivalent International Small-Cap Fund I (MISIX)$485.08.80%24.17%17.50%0.96%Oppenheimer International Small Company Fund A (OSMAX)$3,604.98.09%26.48%18.17%1.21%Grandeur Peak Internatl Opportunities Fund Inst (GPIIX)$856.17.41%23.81%N/A1.44%T Rowe Price International Discovery Fund (PRIDX)$4,118.67.34%18.72%13.90%1.21%AllianzGI International Small-Cap Fund P (ALOPX)$111.17.28%19.11%14.28%1.28%Federated International Small-Mid Company Fund A (ISCAX)$199.87.07%16.92%12.37%1.86%Driehaus International Small Cap Growth Fund (DRIOX)$321.26.97%18.41%13.48%1.74%Oberweis International Opportunities Inst Fund (OBIIX)$235.26.94%N/AN/A1.10%Oberweis International Opportunities Fund (OBIOX)$498.86.53%30.98%21.77%1.60%Bottom 5Westcore... Read full post

Jun 14, 2015, 12:01 AM EST

Best- and worst-performing fixed-income mutual funds

By InvestmentNews Data

Core Bond Top 10Portfolio net assets ($M)1-year return3-year return5-year returnExpense ratio*TIAA-CREF Social Choice Bond Fund Inst (TSBIX)$442.94.38%N/AN/A0.40%BlackRock Total Return Fund BlackRock (MPHQX)$6,277.43.76%4.84%5.74%0.54%SEI Inst Inv Core Fixed Income Fund A (SCOAX)$5,590.33.26%3.05%5.11%0.36%Principal Bond Market Index Fund Institutional (PNIIX)$1,266.43.11%1.82%3.61%0.26%Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund Inv (VBIIX)$19,429.33.10%2.18%5.14%0.20%Western Asset Core Bond Fund I (WATFX)$3,888.13.08%3.09%5.22%0.45%PF Managed Bond Fund P $534.43.06%2.76%3.96%0.55%Baird Aggregate Bond Fund Institutional (BAGIX)$5,682.03.04%3.25%5.07%0.30%DFA Intermediate-Term Extended Quality Port Inst (DFTEX)$2,605.23.03%2.70%N/A0.22%Transamerica Core Bond I2$923.82.95%2.19%4.03%0.51%Bottom 5Prudential Core Bond Fund Z (TAIBX)$110.1-0.46%0.47%3.10%0.45%Federated Short-Intermediate Tot Ret Bd Fund Inst (FGCIX)$250.50.85%2.16%3.31%0.... Read full post

Jun 3, 2015, 3:24 PM EST

How does adviser pay in your city stack up?

By Ellie Zhu Matt Sirinides

Note. Source for all data: 2013 InvestmentNews/Moss Adams Adviser Compensation & Staffing Study and the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics. Bubble sizes are determined by Service Adviser compensation; values for all three positions in a given market, however, are determined by the U.S. BLS' static geographic market multiplier and are equal in relative size to the national average.... Read full post

May 31, 2015, 12:55 PM EST

The continuing growth of the RIA channel, by the numbers

By Ellie Zhu Matt Sirinides

Market appreciation alone doesn't explain the continuing growth of the RIA channel. Overall, there was a 21% increase in the total assets under management of all included firms in the InvestmentNews RIA Data Center, from $1.1 trillion at the same time in 2014 to $1.3 trillion this year. Ten states in particular saw asset growth of over 40% — Massachusetts, Texas, Maryland, Virginia, Missouri, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Utah, Nevada and South Dakota — while no others saw growth of over 30%. Below, we've prepared a map to demonstrate exactly where the wealth is spread out across the country, as well as the top fee-only RIAs in each state.... Read full post

May 26, 2015, 6:55 AM EST

How your peers view robo-advisers

By Alessandra Malito Ellie Zhu Matt Sirinides

In a study set to publish in the coming week, InvestmentNews Research, in partnership with BlackRock, surveyed over 400 advisers with the goal of identifying what separates the largest, fastest-growing firms from their peers on a host of issues affecting their businesses today. In the report, titled “The Study of Elite RIAs”, there is a focus on adviser technology and marketing, as well as their intersection within the context of the recent upswing of the robo-advice model. Below, in a preview of the results, is how advisers responded to some of the most critical questions surrounding the robo-advice trend.(Related read: Robo-advisers want to plan your clients' future)... Read full post

May 3, 2015, 7:01 AM EST

The best- and worst-performing target date funds

By Trevor Hunnicutt and InvestmentNews Data

It's often said that a majority of an investor's return is driven by one factor: asset allocation. That's true of target date mutual funds, which manage more than $700 billion in retirement savings, according to Morningstar Inc. While large caps beat small caps last year, so far this year it's the other way around. “Wells Fargo's longer-date funds have pretty hefty relative allocations to smaller-cap stocks, which dragged on results in 2014 but has helped in 2015,” said Janet Yang, an analyst at Morningstar.While U.S. stocks charged ahead of their international counterparts in 2014, those fortunes have reversed. Most of American Century Investments' funds have lost the tail wind they enjoyed from having a limited stake in foreign stocks. But the firm said it has since updated its allocation to reflect higher long-term returns in international markets. AllianceBernstein, which overweights non-U.S. stocks, is getting a boost... Read full post

May 1, 2015, 2:55 PM EST

How the biggest independent broker-dealer networks stack up

By Denise Southwood Ellie Zhu

After looking at the independent broker-dealers with the most producing reps and the biggest year-over-year gains in assets and revenue in 2014, attention now shifts to the industry's big networks and the various firms under their umbrellas.Below you'll find a ranking of how the five biggest independent broker-dealer networks measure up when it comes to total number of reps, producing reps and total revenue. You can also click to see how the affiliated firms within each network contributed to the network's full 2014 picture. For even more insight on what this ever-changing industry looked like in 2014, don't forget to check out our full Top Independent Broker-Dealers of 2015 special report.... Read full post

Apr 30, 2015, 10:58 AM EST

The independent broker-dealers with the biggest revenue and asset gains in 2014

By Denise Southwood Ellie Zhu

Revenues at the largest independent broker-dealers grew 10.3% year-over-year in 2014, a figure in line with the broad market but below the 13.2% year-over-year revenue increase in 2013.While LPL Financial and Ameriprise dominate the independent broker-dealer industry based on total revenue, a group of other firms saw significant revenue and asset growth between 2013 and 2014. See which firms are on the rise, and don't forget to check out the full Top Independent Broker-Dealers of 2015 special report.... Read full post

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