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Apr 3, 2015, 12:41 PM EST

The hidden cost of reducing your practice's marketing budget

By Shawn Sparks

When I ask advisers to tell me the biggest cost in their business, they usually point to things like the wages they pay their support staff, the monthly lease for their office space, or the dollars they pour into their marketing programs.All these things can be expensive, but they often aren't the biggest costs in an adviser's business. Unfortunately, if advisers don't clearly recognize their biggest cost, they sometimes make decisions that hurt their businesses.Here's an example: Many advisers use seminars to generate leads. But because seminars can be expensive and difficult to run, they are often the first thing advisers cut when they are looking to save money. (More insight: How top advisory firms handle their expenses)If you were to stop doing seminars and reduce your marketing budget accordingly, you might naturally assume that you'll save money. On paper, you'll see that you were spending so much a month, and now you're spending ... Read full post

Feb 27, 2015, 2:20 PM EST

How a uniform client service plan can help a fledgling firm grow

By Drew Horter

Every year, many young and mid-career professionals make the move into the wealth management industry hoping to help individuals and families make the best financial decisions. While wealth management can be an exciting and rewarding field, few new advisers get the appropriate systems training, mentoring and coaching they need to be successful. While working with more than 300 advisers nationwide, I've studied the best practices of the top 30-40 advisers to fine-tune our systems. From this, we've developed a list of key standards and procedures all advisers who want to grow their businesses and assets should follow. Rising competition from larger players and robo services makes a uniform client-servicing plan more critical than ever. We believe advisers who follow these steps diligently will find their practices growing quickly and sustainably. Here is a brief sketch of what that takes:Differentiating yourselfWith so many advisers... Read full post