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Tax Watch: Futures on single stocks get the go-ahead

January 22, 2001

Futures contracts on single stocks have become legal under one of the provisions of the omnibus appropriations bill that President Clinton signed into law just before Christmas. The provision modifies the Commodities Exchange Act to address...

Tax Watch: Tax-exempt bonds are getting a closer look

January 15, 2001

The Internal Revenue Service's exempt-bond unit is working to bolster its audit and outreach activities, according to Mark Scott, director of tax-exempt bonds. Speaking at the National Association of College and University Business Officers'...

Tax Watch: New IRS program seeks to head off disputes

January 8, 2001

The Internal Revenue Service has announced an Industry Issue Resolution Pilot Program. Its objective, according to IRS Notice 2000-65, is to resolve frequently disputed tax issues that are common to a significant number of large or midsize businesses....

TAX WATCH: Buying into funds? Check those distributions

October 16, 2000

Tax law requires capital gains distributions when a fund sells a stock at a gain. If the fund doesn't have offsetting losses, investors are required to report their share of that gain on their individual tax return. The problem arises for those...

TAX WATCH: Three choices for treating commissions

October 9, 2000

Effective Oct. 2, Revenue Procedure 2000-38 provides guidance on three accounting methods that mutual fund distributors may use to account for commissions paid on the sales of mutual fund B shares. Under all three methods, the distributor capitalizes...

TAX WATCH: Annuity owners can offset now, pay later

October 2, 2000

The Internal Revenue Service recently ruled that the owners of single-premium annuity contracts could offset their annuity income with a portion of the basis but that they must recognize any payments of excess interest as income when received....

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