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'Synthetic' hedge funds an alternative investment

December 18, 2006

NEW YORK - As regulators consider ways to clamp down on hedge funds, financial services companies have begun launching passively managed hedge fund alternatives that shoot for hedge fund returns but not their prices. New York-based Goldman Sachs...

Insurers brace for scandal over bid rigging with GICs

November 27, 2006

NEW YORK - Just when insurers thought they had put the worst of the bid-rigging scandals behind them, a new one involving guaranteed investment contracts is gaining steam. The key issue is whether tainted bidding for GICs by insurers and brokers...

Toronto hedge funds may take on New York

November 20, 2006

OTTAWA - Could Toronto eventually take on New York as a hub for the North American hedge fund market? Or is it doing so already? After all, "Toronto's hedge fund industry is beginning to attract the attention of the capital markets community...

Hedge fund growth seen to imperil midtier brokers

November 13, 2006

NEW YORK - The end of traditional investment management is nigh, along with the loss of conventional relationship-based business, according to a new report published by The Tabb Group LLC. To expand their reach, traditional asset managers are...

Greenspan's hedge fund remarks the buzz at IMPACT

November 13, 2006

WASHINGTON - Alan Greenspan gave a boost to hedge funds last week at Schwab Institutional's IMPACT conference here, while at the same time saying that he is "very concerned" about the long-term fiscal situation of the United States. In his conference-opening...

Canadian regulators coming to terms with hedge funds

November 13, 2006

VAUGHAN, Ontario - The oft-beleaguered hedge fund industry received a lot of kudos last week at the World Hedge Funds Summit 2006 in this Toronto suburb. Some came from sources one would expect to be appreciative of the merits of hedge funds....

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