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Gridlock would buck up Treasuries, say bond investors

October 19, 2010

Bond investors are looking back to the last time a Democratic president lost control of Congress and concluding, like then, that gridlock in Washington is good news for Treasuries. Just as Bill Clinton was forced to abandon spending initiatives...

Fed buying binge will zap Treasury yields, Pimco predicts

September 13, 2010

Bond investors are growing more convinced that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben. S. Bernanke will push Treasury yields down to the levels of the 1950s with another round of asset purchases. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Pacific Investment Management...

Doubleline's Gundlach sells Treasuries, buys corporate bonds

August 31, 2010

Jeffrey Gundlach, who predicted in June that the 10-year Treasury yield would fall to 2.5 percent, reduced DoubleLine Capital LLC's holdings of U.S. government debt after the security failed to set a record low level. Gundlach, who founded DoubleLine...

Yield-hungry investors look to emerging markets

August 22, 2010

Put off by the paltry yields on Treasuries, many investors are turning to emerging-markets sovereign debt for better returns. Since early June, investors have poured $1.3 billion into emerging-markets-debt funds, according to Lipper Inc., compared...

An overview of SMA performance in the second quarter

August 15, 2010

Second quarter commentary from Nathan Behan, Senior Analyst at Prima Capital. U.S. equity: The second quarter opened up with high hopes and generally positive expectations for the remainder of the year. As noted last quarter, there was a wide...

Bernanke lays a beat down on bond vigilantes

June 14, 2010

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke has tamed the bond vigilantes. While investors punish European nations from Greece to Spain for deficits by pushing up bond yields, Treasury rates of all maturities have fallen to an average of about...

Housing, economic news not enough to boost stocks

May 26, 2010

U.S. stocks erased gains as the euro extended its slide against the dollar, approaching the four-year low reached last week, and Microsoft Corp. led a slump in technology companies. Microsoft, the world's largest software maker, tumbled 5.3...

Six-month Treasury rates hit record low

November 23, 2009

Interest rates on six-month Treasurys hit their lowest level on record and three-month bills their lowest point in 11 months in Monday's auction of T-bills. The declines are good news for the government's efforts to hold down its borrowing costs...

Investors bail out of stocks, move into Treasurys

September 2, 2009

Treasury prices mostly extended their gains yesterday as investors sought the safety of government debt amid a big sell-off in stocks. Stocks fell broadly on fresh concerns about weakness in the banking sector and the speed of a potential economic...

Scared investors flock to TIPS as inflation hedge

August 23, 2009

Inflation fears and attractive returns are driving demand for Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities. Year-to-date through July 31, the Department of the Treasury sold $548 billion of TIPS, compared with sales of $516 billion in the first seven...

Money fund firms withdrawing from Treasury program

May 22, 2009

Signaling greater stability in the credit markets, most of the major fund complexes offering Treasury money market mutial funds have discontinued their participation in the federal guarantee program on those funds. According to Peter Crane,...

Treasury will auction long bonds monthly

April 29, 2009

The Treasury Department will boost the number of times it auctions 30-year bonds to 12 times a year in another move to cope with the government's soaring debt. The monthly auctions of 30-year bonds follows Treasury's decision just three months...

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