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Junxure is a CRM solutions provider and practice improvement firm that provides technology, consulting and training to help financial advisors build their dream firm. Founded by an award-winning advisor, Junxure’s advisor-specific CRM solutions - Junxure® and Junxure Cloud™ - support enhanced productivity and stronger client relationships through a broad range of advisor-specific capabilities and powerful workflow automation tools. ClientView Live provides a secure client portal and document vault, enabling firms to extend their services to the web through on-demand reports and two-way online communication. Junxure Mobile provides secure, live web access to Junxure CRM, enabling firms to access information anywhere, anytime on a variety of mobile devices. Junxure focuses on customer experience and results, combined with the service and support of a team of experienced wealth management professionals, technologists and practice management experts. Junxure is committed to delivering industry-leading CRM solutions with both installed software and via the cloud to help advisors improve service while enhancing profitability.

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*Note: Product information as of November 11, 2013

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