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TRX is the industry's leading independent portfolio rebalancing system. Find out how you can benefit from a patented, tax efficient and easy to use auto-rebalancing software, designed by an industry leading CPA advisor to simplify portfolio management. www.trxpert.com

Key Features:

Prioritize tax minimization and cost reduction. Factor in minimum trades, transaction costs, cash needs, capital gains minimization and limitations, tax loss harvesting, location optimization, and more. Effect changes across client base. The patented Analysis Expert feature in TRX enables advisors to view their entire client base on one screen and then sort for which accounts or households are out of guidelines and need rebalancing. The sorting capability can be used to identify ''transaction triggers'' for client needs and opportunities, such as:

  • Excess cash that needs to be invested
  • Cash that needs to be generated for distribution reasons
  • Tax loss harvesting opportunities
  • Asset class rebalancing needs
  • Asset subclass rebalancing needs

Quantify client benefits and savings. Demonstrate to clients the savings generated from tax lot identification, tax loss harvesting, location optimization and capital gains distribution avoidance.

Avoid short-term gains and wash sales. Reduce taxes permanently through TRX's location optimization and short-term gain avoidance. TRX strategies can allocate tax-inefficient asset classes to retirement accounts and IRAs while placing tax-efficient asset classes in taxable accounts.

Manage clients' outside assets. Include 401(k)s and annuities in the rebalancing process.

Integrations. TRX is integrated with all of the industry's leading portfolio management systems, including Portfolio Center, Black Diamond, Orion, Morningstar, FinFolio and more.

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*Note: Product information as of April 04, 2013

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