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Investigo Smart Data

By Broadridge

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Better Data. Improved Performance.
Enhanced Practice Management.
Investigo Smart Data provides broker-dealers and advisors access to consolidated data and reporting from thousands of sources including insurance, brokerage, mutual funds and more - creating a unified view of client financial holdings. With more than 50 years of experience delivering data management and transaction processing services to the Financial Industry, Investigo's patent-pending data consolidation, normalization and scrubbing processes enables 99.9% data accuracy and completeness. Investigo is backed by the scale and expertise of Broadridge (NYSE: BR) the leading provider of technology-driven solutions for financial advisors, broker-dealers, and banks globally.

A Single 360° Client View
Investigo automatically connects all of your client data to your technology for a 360° client view. Now there's a better way to access all of your client information—eliminating the need to navigate through multiple applications populated by disparate data sources. Advisors have always needed to have the best possible resources. Today, more than ever, clients demand it. Better performance reporting, insights, advice, and convenience. That means you need the best information platform.

This ground-breaking solution combines data consolidation with powerful performance reporting and practice management tools that can drive your business and your productivity. You'll enjoy a whole new level of value out of your data-faster, more easily, and more efficiently.

Flexibility and fingertip access
Access the information you need quickly with a variety of configurable reports, including client performance, asset allocation, performance history, holdings, and transactions.

The confidence of accurate, timely data and performance reporting
You won't have to worry about the quality and accuracy of your data. Our powerful data aggregation tool automatically downloads and reconciles client data on a daily basis for actionable analytics, performance reporting.

The convenience of an advisor-friendly system
You get a single 360° view of all of your clients' assets, presented in the technology applications of your choice. Intuitive dashboards turn client information into performance reporting and actionable intelligence quickly. Scan what you need at a glance, or click down to any level of portfolio detail easily.

Get up and running quickly
Investigo's user-friendly interface is as easy to learn as it is to use, so ramp-up time is brief. Put it all together and you're empowered to get more value out of information - while spending more time serving clients, planning for the future, and growing your business.

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*Note: Product information as of July 07, 2013

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