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Dynamic Client Newsletter Solution

By Fresh Finance

PO Box 2601

Fargo, ND 58108



Keeping You Connected with Your Clients

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Providing fresh ideas for your financial services business is what Fresh Finance is all about.

Created by a financial advisor, we provide you with a dynamic (works like a mini-website) client newsletter that is personally branded for your independent office, broker dealer firm, or fund company. Delivered via email, our newsletters allow clients to connect to online publications, investment accounts, your company website, and other financial services links. Our newsletter automatically formats to all of your devices, meaning you are never out of contact with your clients. Our newsletter allows your clients to contact you through the newsletter by email, or if viewing on a cellular device, they can call you through the newsletter.

Our informative articles are written individuals that have worked in the financial service industry as advisors. Get the most out of your money with our subscription based, 12 monthly issue newsletter service. Positioning your brand, name, and face in front of your clients each month has never been this easy.

We know the process of approval and that the liability lies with your firm for client communications, that?s why our articles are directly submitted to your compliance department. Your firm approves all of our newsletters prior to them being sent out. We work hand-in-hand with your marketing department to create brand recognition and information consistency. Individuals have the opportunity to customize their banner, allowing for a more personal touch.

Contact our company for contract pricing for large quantity subscriptions.

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