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Sep 6, 2013

The Weekly Takeaway: The cons of alts seem to outweigh the pros

By Josh Brown

Each week I read all of the important stories affecting your business and investments. Below is the Weekly Takeaway, curated just for you:Five key takeaways from the incredibly mediocre August jobs report just released. (Wall Street Journal)After five long years of economy-related declines, the United States birthrate has finally stabilized. Thank Robin Thicke. (New York Times)Wealthy investors are constantly being pushed into "alternative" investments, but the cons seem to perpetually outweigh the pros. (Aleph Blog)Apple's China business has the potential to become gigantic should China Mobile's 700 million users get access to iPhones. (All Things Digital)There's no longer any such thing as the "typical American household" as traditional nuclear families make up just 19.6% of the total. (Marketing Charts)Joshua Morgan Brown is a New York City-based wealth manager and popular financial commentator on CNBC. You can follow his... Read full post