Why female investors are naturally more risk averse

May 7, 2014 @ 12:00 am

Runtime: 1:45

Eve Kaplan of Kaplan Financial Advisors and Maura Griffin of Blue Spark Capital Advisors sound off on why female investors tend to be more patient and cautious than their male counterparts.

Video Transcript

[MUSIC]. When I think about, how much risk women are willing to take, a lot of it is temperament, age, proximity to retirement or already being retired. A lot of these things are not gender specific, but on balance, I would say that women do tend to be more risk averse. It's not necessarily a bad thing. We're all, we're talking about how much you want to have say in equities and a mix of other investments. And perhaps, you could turn it around and say men, take two much risk and women take, the appropriate level of risks. I think it's hard to generalize. I would say that men, and studies bear this out, tend to, be more short-term oriented in terms of, trading, booking gains, taking risks in that way. Women perhaps less so. I think women are much better investors. I think, women are, more likely to be patient and cautious, to analyze and research before they, make an investment, to set things up in advance. I mean, women tend to be planners in general, we have to, we know, that the kids are gonna turn into teenagers, we, we know, whats happens in life cycles we. It, it's built into our core that we are planners. And so, in terms of investing, we look at, what companies are going to be, better down the road. We can do research on those companies, and we wait, for the right time because investing is all about. Priced to value, right? [MUSIC]


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