Helping female investors overcome the 'bag lady' syndrome

May 7, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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Many female investors worry they will lose all of their financial security, according to Dorie Fain of AndWealth and Jennifer Hatch of Christopher Street Financial. Here's how financial advisers can help women overcome those fears.

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[MUSIC] I have never met a woman, who isn't concerned about enough money, running out of money. Sure you've heard the bag lady syndrome. You know, I have, women that would literally hold out their hand and, shake the cup and say, don't, don't make sure I don't end up on the corner with a tin cup. And the fact, defy logic. So we could show, a woman with a high seven figure balance sheet by every measure, multiple generations beyond her will have adequate assets and she's still worried whether she has enough money to buy a new car this year. I think people are looking for financial advisors that they can relate to. That they feel comfortable bearing their soul. And. And who will acknowledge their fears, and, make them feel better about their situation today and in the future. And I think, Oprah is that kind of person, so, I think a lot of consumers, would choose somebody like Oprah to be their financial advisor. [MUSIC]


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