What it really means when women don't speak up during meetings

May 7, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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Female investors may become overwhelmed by what they don't know in meetings with their financial advisers, according to Debra Taylor of Taylor Financial Group. Here's how to decide if a female client's silence is really a cry for help.

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[MUSIC] I would tell you that a woman should walk in a room and feel comfortable asking questions. And what you find is that the woman feels that her questions are dumb because the man might be talking about the market. He might be talking about a stock exchange or specific stocks. So he maybe engaging in a conversation with the financial advisor, man or woman. That is well over the head of the woman in the room. And this is not all the time. I have very educated women as clients. And there are men financial advisors that are very capable and highly engaging with women. But I'm saying typically, this is what you see and the women needs to feel comfortable speaking up. Feeling like she is truly a partner in this relationship and asking the question. And sometimes the question is as basic as, why shouldn't our money be in CDs? Or why should we be in this mutual fund? And so part of it is the woman's responsiblity to be assertive, not be embarrassed. And take ownership of her own relationship. Even if she is someone who works in the home, even if she's not financially savvy, she has got to sort of bring herself out of that shell and take ownership and if for no other reason, the studies show that about 80% of women will be managing their own money someday. Whether it's through death or divorce, they will be managing the money for their family. [MUSIC]


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