Present and future adviser technology innovations

Jun 9, 2014 @ 12:00 am

Runtime: 2:20

Ram Nagappan, Pershing's chief information officer and managing director, walks through the big recent technology changes for the NetX360 platform, and looks ahead to the next wave of innovation.

Video Transcript

[MUSIC] There are a lot of tech innovations that's happening here, at the ISC of the Pershing Insite Conference. The three things, that I want to mention, the first one is the, NetXInvestor. This is the end investor portal. And, the unique thing there, is about multi-team NetXInvestor. Multi-team, that every team, associated with the different generation of the customer's segment, so we have an investor, that is customized for that particular generation., and also lot of collaboration, between the advisor and the investor in this particular platform. We have released it, there is about 500 films already using it. The second one, I want to talk about is the NetX360. This is the professional platform, and brand new platform, that simplifies, and enhances the advisor experiences. That's the NetX360. And the third, is the NetX Mobile. That is the NetX360 as well as the investor getting, a brand new mobile application. That is NetX360. Now, this is a native app that runs on Apple, Android, also Microsoft Surface. That's big news because, Pearl 3, Microsoft Surface Pearl 3 is getting released, and our app, Medic 360 runs on that as well. In, three to five years, there are two things that I'm really excited about. One is, internet of things. It is all about connected, contextual computing. Right now you hear about, watches and glasses, and all kinds of things. We're trying to bring all of them together, to provide the right context and the, experiences for the consumer using these internet of things. See right now, we know about 9 billion devices are connected with the, internet. It's gonna be close to 90 billion devices connected in the next ten years. That's going to create, more digitization of our business. New business opportunities, for everyone. I'm extremely excited about this, internet effect. [MUSIC]


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