The parts of retirement planning that worry investors the most

May 12, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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Cathy Weatherford of the Insured Retirement Institute discusses investors' biggest concerns when it comes to planning their retirements.

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[MUSIC]. Our investor attitude survey, proved out that investors are worried about retirement. And they're worried about, how long they're gonna live. They're worried about how much money they will have accumulated for retirement. And they're, and they want to be sure that that money's gonna last to the very end. People are understanding, especially Baby Boomers, that they are going to live very long retirement lives, decades, 20, 30 years in retirement. So, I think they probably believe one, that a lot of that savings that they built for their retirement will be used, and probably won't even be available to give as an hair, inheritance to their children. Secondly, I think there's new attitudes about turning over great deals of money to our children and grandchildren. We've seen recently, and we all know the story of Warren Buffet, who plans to give his great wealth to charitable causes and not to his children and grandchildren. And others are beginning down that path because they believe that their children have great educations and have the ability to make it on their own. And be successful in their own right. And that they bring great satisfaction from the the, the things that they do during their careers as opposed to just spending money. I think that certainly we're living today in one of the most restrictive, regulatory environments our industry's ever seen. And sometimes I think it makes it very difficult for advisors to be able to have broad, meaningful conversations, because of some of those regulatory barriers and controls over the financial advice profession. I would hope that as we move forward our regulatory community looks at the vast needs of Americans to receive financial advice, and for advisors to be able to give that advice in an open and fair way. [MUSIC]


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