2013 T3 Conference

The mobile adviser

Feb 21, 2013 @ 12:00 am

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The majority of advisers now carry a smartphone and tablet with them almost everywhere they go. But the truly innovative advisers are using their mobile devices to do more than just check email. INTV reports.

Video Transcript

A lot advisors lot to get an iPad and they just put a bunching games on it and you know, it's hard to play an actual real applications that will help their business but I think the industry as a whole is moving towards that direction. It's kind of an innovative new way to introduce financial planning to clients. -What we've bee seeing is that advisors really rapidly adopting those technologies. We've had over 15,000 downloads today of our applications in the mobile devices. You know, technically today, a lot of the advisors are using them on the go to answer questions, clients accounts, get information on, you know, what's going on in the account today, you know, doing some level of trading. But the transactions haven't really taken off their yet and I think that's where they said ultimate go. -Clients are really driving the mobile advisor because technology is hitting the clients first. What we're seeing is clients walk and do not have better technology and better information than a lot of their advisors so that grassroots effort is really helping push the mobile advisor report. -The mobile advisor, the future really is gonna be more about content creation and communication and being there interactive with the client. What we're seeing is today's applications are more about consumption. They're not there creating, doing analytics working the client through scenarios. Clients are demanding that type of interactivity and they shall see what the younger generations, they want to engage and are deeper engaged with their applications and advisors that have that interactivity and we need to bring that on to the mobile apps so the advisor can take that mobile to their clients and our clients can interact through those mobile devices with their advisors. I think that's a direction that, you know, we should be seriously looking at-- for the future because that's basic, that's what clients want and this is where advisors need to be.


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