Engaging clients on social media

Aug 28, 2013 @ 12:00 am

Runtime: 2:25

Successful financial advisers on social media pay attention to compliance rules, but also let their individual voices shine through. Actiance's Joanna Belbey discusses how advisers can strike that balance.

Video Transcript

As a financial advisor, if you are not on social media, you really don't exist anymore. There's a few superstars, they're using social media effectively generating prospects, new business. But by and far, I think the majority of financial advisors are still very cautious because they wanna stay in compliant, they don't wanna get in trouble, they don't wanna offend anyone. And they may not actually know how to use social media effectively. So, they're on the sidelines. But social media takes a bit of learning. It's not necessarily intuitive for everyone. Those people who are at the top of their career, been in business many years, may not be the very people who use social media naturally. They haven't been raised with it. So, what we find the most effective thing is, if they can get some training on not only how to use social media, how to comply with the rules and regulations of their firms, but also some best practices like what works and what doesn't work. I thought that you think is good at it and watch them. Maybe interact with them. [unk] their idea to stay in the sideline to a wall. You can set up your accounts, begin to watch people and see what they do and begin to experiment a little. We found that firms with the most success with social media are those who really define what's allowed, give examples to proper training, and then do a trial period where they watch their advisors on social media very carefully. And once they feel confident that they understand the media and they're going to be appropriate, they let them fly. But most important thing about a content is to be true to yourself. If you have a passion, if you're a filmmaker or you love the boss or you like kayaking or just hanging around watching television and go into movies, you have an interest. Talk about your interests because then you'll be true and authentic. You know, it could be as simple as tweeting during a movie on TV. You know, just anything that shows who you are and then people begin to say, who is this person that do a little research? Oh, they are financial advisors at a very established firm. Look at some of these backgrounds. They begin to do a little checking on you because they think that you're interesting and might be able to work well together. So, if you're a financial advisor with clients in social media, you need to be in social media as well because you need to communicate the way they communicate.


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