How technology can help advisers create unique client experiences

Jan 29, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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Ryan Reineke of Cambridge Investment Research on how wealth managers can leverage technology to create flexible and unique experiences for clients.

Video Transcript

The role of technology for wealth managers in the future includes a configurable seamless process that a wealth manager can create a flexible and a very unique experience for his end client. It's gonna have to also include things that matter to the investor whether that's a configurable financial planning, client vaulting all the way through the seamless back to the custodian and making sure that the adviser stays in the middle of the processes as well as the broker-dealer from the servicing model. Toolbox, they're future role include tools where the client can have some opportunities to interact with the adviser that might create an actionable item in his platform or workstation whether it's servicing an account or funding an account or being able to know that the client in real time and on in a-- in demand moment can actually, you know, anticipate the needs without actually having to pick up the phone. Couple of ideas for the wish list in the future in this business base would, one, be a unified data model where we can exchange data between applications and tools a lot easier. I think identity and security. There's another level of evolution that we can go through based on single sign and that it'll make some experiences and some usability a lot better. Wealth managers on their wish list would be tools that actually integrate the client experience seamlessly with their back office tools. Some of the challenges wealth managers face in the ever expanding and cheaper business models, include things like the robo-adviser and you know, lower cost services. I think the challenge will always be to maintain a high quality of service and an effective price for the end consumer.


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