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[MUSIC] U.S. investors are facing a unique set of challenges today, that no generation before them has faced. Compensation is not keeping up with rising prices. It's up less then the price of health care, education, and gas. [MUSIC] The retirement safety net is starting unravel. The number of people with traditional pension plans, has dropped dramatically. 70% of workers were counting on Social Security. But within two decades, is forecast to become insolvent. Even the fact that people are living longer, is not all good news. Live expectancy is up seven years. But 40% of people expect to work until they die. And 70% of people believe they are not financially ready for retirement. [MUSIC] Stocks and bonds have not delivered what they were expected to. Stocks were expected to deliver 8% a year. But in the last decade have only returned 2.1%. While bonds that were expected to deliver real yields, have actually returned negative yields. It's time for investors, and advisers to start a new conversation about three basic needs. [MUSIC] Growth, income, and protection against certain risks. The needs haven't changed. The solutions have to. Talk to your adviser about how to achieve growth, income, and protection against certain risks in your portfolio. Protection is positioned as an investment goal, and investing in certain securities may help to hedge against certain risks, but does not imply any guarantee from loss. [MUSIC] Mutual funds are subject to market risk and volatility, shares may gain or loose value. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]


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