Top tech trends for advisers

Jun 19, 2014 @ 12:00 am

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Cloud computing? CRMs? Industry experts and vendors break down some of the biggest technology trends facing advisers today.

Video Transcript

[MUSIC] So some of the trends that we're seeing that advisors face are the move to cloud computing. People wanna move away from desktop-based systems to a fully web-based solution that's on the cloud. That's. Accessible anywhere. And then related to that is the trend of mobile. Access anything, anywhere. Either on their smart phone or on a mobile device like the iPad is the device of choice for advisors, increasingly. Some of the biggest tech trends facing advisors today are, the need to do sophisticated planning. And as short amount of time as possible. So MoneyGuidePro allows us to balance those two aspects of it together. We have the ability to do a five minute prospect level plan or you can take it out and do a comprehensive plan in a, you know, an hour or two if you wanna do that. But the choice is up to the adviser. So it's the, the marriage of those two aspects. Sophistication and ease of use. I think one of the biggest tech trends facing advisors today is being able to incorporate portfolio accounting tools with, CRMs, that's also, as well as financial planning tools, as well. That's really one of the biggest trends. I think we're gonna go see more advisors looking for a full solution as opposed to shopping around on multiple vendors. I think some of the big trends are integration and the inter-connectedness of their software. They want their CRM tool to talk to their portfolio management tool to their. Custodian to their financial planning software. So the interconnectedness of, of software is what we're really, that's the first question out of every advisor's mouth. [MUSIC]


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