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[MUSIC] As an industry, we are always advancing to better meet the goals of our clients. At Lincoln, our expertise enables us to understand the challenges that can stand in the way of those goals. Among those challenges are tax rates, which have reached their highest levels in more than 30 years. Minimizing tax exposure is one of the ways that may help protect your wealth and your retirement income assets. At Lincoln, we deliver the tools and wealth protection expertise to help you take charge of your most important decisions. That's why we are proud to introduce Lincoln Investor Advantage Variable Annuity. A variable annuity is a long term investment product designed for retirement purposes. To decide if it's right for you, consider that its value may fluctuate and that there are associated fees and expenses. All guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuer. Investor Advantage is built on three guiding principles. To help investors seeking the potential benefits of growth, powered by tax deferral, investments powered by excellence, and income powered by innovation. With i4LIFE Advantage, our living benefit rider and patented income distribution network. Investing in tax deferred accounts is a time tested strategy. To help keep more of your money at work, and limit the impact of tax inefficient funds on your portfolio. Keep in mind, however, that tax deferral won't ensure growth due to the inherent fluctuating nature of investing. But tax efficiency is about more than growth. Investors can potentially maximize their income with i4LIFE Advantage. i4Life, our living benefit rider, has been helping clients minimize the impact of taxes since 2001. Consider a tax-efficient vehicle that's built for the long term. This is Lincoln Investor Advantage. [MUSIC]


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