Beyond Benchmarks: The New Rules of Fixed Income

October 09, 2014

Are yesterday's investment strategies adequate for today's complex bond markets? Many advisers recognize the limitations of traditional benchmarks and are turning to more flexible, unconstrained approaches to help clients seek return - both now, and when rates eventually rise. However, as unconstrained strategies become more popular, it is critical for advisers to understand the nuances of this fast-expanding sector.

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Best Practices for NextGen: How to land a job in the advice business

October 07, 2014

With more advisory firms focused on adding NextGen talent to their business, making a good first and last impression is more important than ever.

What are the best ways to position and market yourself to find an opening whether its full-time, part- time or an internship in the financial advice industry? Find out in this exclusive InvestmentNews NextGen webcast, which will focus on the dos and don'ts for any individuals looking to land a job in the financial advice industry.


How to work with millennials and the next generation of investors

September 23, 2014

Millennials are in line to inherit - by some estimates - nearly $30 trillion from baby boomers over the next decade - a great opportunity for advisers.

But Millennials aren't at all like their Baby Boomer parents. What's important to them is different, how they communicate is different and their financial goals and dreams - while perhaps still developing - are different. It's not business as usual.

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Investment Intelligence: Demystifying liquid alternatives

September 16, 2014

As the popularity of liquid alternatives and other non-traditional investment products continue to explode, advisers need information and intelligent insights to stay ahead of the competition. Understanding and differentiating among all the different types of alternative strategies and how they can best address a client's needs is top of mind for advisors today. In this one hour CE approved webinar sponsored by MainStay Investments, advisers will learn how to construct a well-diversified portfolio using liquid alternatives and non-traditional investments. They will also learn which types of alternatives can help to diversify a portfolio and discover where the alternative flows may go in the future.

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How to build 'real-life' retirement portfolios

September 10, 2014

As your clients approach retirement, that nest egg, which you have been carefully protecting, needs to begin to hatch.

When they reach 65, the ideals of "beating benchmarks" and "taking a long-term perspective" are suddenly replaced with the reality of having enough money to generate a sustainable monthly income throughout retirement.

What's your plan?

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Where in the World is My Retirement Income

August 26, 2014

Increasing volatility, increasing correlations, and increasing stress. With all that's happening on the world stage, how do you ensure your clients' retirement portfolio will be built to last? In an exclusive webcast for InvestmentNews Retirement Income Summit attendees, Robert J. Froehlich, Ph.D., better known as "Dr. Bob," addresses this issue and more through his informative and unique viewpoint shaped by his roles as an expert global economist, independent director, baseball team owner, strategist, author, and T.V. personality.

The future of advice: Business models and services for the next generation

August 19, 2014

While the definition and delivery of wealth management has changed rapidly in recent years, the demand for personalized financial advice remains strong - and, according to new investor research from InvestmentNews, has the potential to significantly increase over the next several years.

But not all advisory firms will benefit. Advisers who successfully adapt their business and service models to appropriately connect with both the investors of today and tomorrow will see accelerated growth rates and increased firm values.

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What is your practice worth?

August 12, 2014

The average age of a financial adviser is 56, and many are expected to explore options for exiting the business over the next decade. Some will choose internal successors, while others will opt for mergers and acquisitions.

Regardless of the specific path they pursue, any adviser looking to transition ownership of their practice over the next decade will need to have a firm handle on the current and future value of their business.

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Maximizing Your Clients' Social Security Benefits

August 05, 2014

Helping clients navigate the maze of Social Security can be a full-time job. But by understanding a few key concepts, you can make sure your clients get the most out of this critical retirement benefit.

With InvestmentNews contributing editor and Social Security expert Mary Beth Franklin, this webcast will cover the two main creative claiming strategies known as "file and suspend" and "restricting a claim to spousal benefits" and how and when to use them.

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Giving your Firm an Edge with Technology

July 29, 2014

You may be able to avoid technology in some circumstances - but not when it comes to your business. To build a practice that is consistently profitable and growing, technology needs to embraced and leveraged for all it's worth. But where to begin?

Women and Investing: Successfully Advising Women in Transition

July 22, 2014

Women who suddenly become divorced or widowed face steep emotional transitions and new financial realities. In order to successfully attract and hold onto these female clients, financial advisers must understand how to help them navigate the unique life adjustments they must make.

How to attract - and develop - NextGen talent

July 15, 2014

Advisers have a growing need to bring new talent into their practices to help bridge the gap with their next generation of clients - and also develop their own next generation of firm leaders.

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